That’s right.  If this plan use U.S. spy satellites for domestic security and law-enforcement missions gets put into place it’s going to get a whole lot easier for law enforcement agencies to get access to surveillance satellite pictures.

Apparently it’s been stalled for a while because of concerns about privacy and civil liberty issues but now it’s in the final stages. 

Agencies like FEMA and the Interior Department have had access to spy satellite imagery for things like assisting after natural disasters, this would be the first time law-enforcement would be able to get a warrant and request access to satellite imagery.

This is just another step in the continuing road toward the last days.  And before anybody starts discounting me as just another ranting floon, take a look at how much tracking and surveillance is going on these days.  Then consider the fact that the amount of this kind of thing is on the rise and has been for years.  It’s also getting more invasive, more ways of snooping more details of our private lives.

This is a combination of government and law enforcement agencies along with the corporate world that wants to know (and be honest, control) as many aspects of our lives as they can because it means more profits for them.  Governments are into this kind of thing primarily for power.. the ability to control, regulate and monitor so many aspects of our lives because A), it helps those who are in power to stay in power and B), because it also enables more of them to get away with more stuff.

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