It seems that Apple is talking out of both sides of it’s mouth.  I remember a while back when Steve Jobs got all righteous about how everybody should drop the DRM from music downloads.

Problem is, Apple isn’t doing what it’s trying to tell others they should do. This forum post on the Hymm Project site is talking about how Apple has forced them to remove all download links to software that allows people to remove the DRM from Itunes music so that it can be played on non-apple devices.

The Hymm Project isn’t even about piracy.  It’s about fair use.  The right to use something you download legally on any device you own.

I wonder how long it’s going to take before that software starts to show up on offshore (non USA) servers.  Or how long it takes for somebody to insert those tools into freenet and post the keys.

I mean, Apple can’t possibly believe that this is going to stop anyone from removing DRM.  It’s just going to escalate a growing anti-DRM movement.

Just for the heck of it, If I run across freenet keys for those DRM removing tools I’ll post ’em (the keys that is, not the files) here.

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