My thoughts and opinions about news, events and almost anything else.

While I am likely to write about nearly anything imaginable, I do tend to discuss things involving privacy & freedom of speech and anonymity issues (& related software), especially as they relate to the Biblical teachings about the last days.

I’m concerned about a lot of the things that government and big business are doing or trying to get away with that might benefit them, but people in general will regret allowing it to happen when they finally find out about them.

I am also interested in a wide variety of technical, computer and programming related subjects, as well as web design, promotion and Search Engine Optimization.

Finally, because of the fact that sometimes my sense of humor is taken out of context I’d like to make a really obvious statement.

I have a tendency to be something of a smartass.

I don’t mean any insult or offense by it yet unfortunately It doesn’t always come across in the printed word the way I intend.  If you are in doubt about anything I write I suggest either A) rereading whatever it is with this in mind or B) contacting me to find out.  I’m not in the business of being offensive and don’t mean to come off that way.


From time to time I will publish posts that are entirely or partially fictional in nature.  I leave it up to the reader to determine which posts are fictional and which are true.

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