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Un-official Freenet 0.5 alternative download

I’ve just set up A new, Un-official Freenet 0.5 alternative download page, including some instructions to help get started. It can be found here: 

Freenet file healing explained better

It occurred to me that in my quickie freenet tutorial I mentioned, but didn’t really do a very good job of explaining the concept of "Healing" files that you download. I found the following explanation in a frost posting by "sparhawk" that explains it much better. When you insert anything into Freenet from any program, […]

How to get started with Freenet

[Edit 10-18-2011: I’m writing a new version of this post as this one is woefully out of date.  Until that new post is finished I’ve updated the urls in this one and removed a few outdated things] I’m working on an updated version of this post which will go into more detail.  When it’s ready […]