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Freenet 0.5 News: Build 5110 soon to be released

I have heard it said several times over the last few years that Freenet 0.5, known as Freenet Classic Opennet, is dead.

This is untrue.

As a matter of fact, freenet 0.5 is once again being developed.  I have started learning Java programming specifically so that I can contribute a much needed new update of freenet 0.5 and within a couple of weeks I expect to have the first new build (5110) available for download.

Because I’m just getting started with Java this first new build will mostly be a long overdue maintenance build.  The default bookmarks will be updated and some very old code that directs people to the original site will be updated to point to equivalent pages on my freenet site.  This is because the developers at no longer support or have anything to do with 0.5.  Instead they’re devoting their efforts to 0.7.x, a branch of freenet that I and many others have long mis-trusted for an assortment of reasons which I won’t go into now because I’m not up to writing a long post right now.

Instead I’ll address the biggest concerns in a series of upcoming posts.

In the meantime I’ll be working on 5110 and will announce here and on the Frost boards when it’s available.

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Freenet Downloads Updated

I have updated the freenet install archives on my freenet page.

This update included two things.

1, I updated the default bookmarks so that they now point to the current editions

2, I replaced the seednodes.ref file in each archive with a current one

I’m planning to do more updates on this page soon.

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It’s Upgrade Season Again

Once again it’s time to do a round of upgrades to my WordPress installations, this time bringing them up to date with WordPress 2.9.2 and updating the plugins as well.  Why would I wait so long after 2.9.2 was released to bother upgrading to it?

Because frankly I’ve been burned more than once by jumping on the upgrade wagon while it was still young enough to need a steady acne pill supply.  i.e. By upgrading too soon I get to be one of those “pioneers” that have the oh so wonderful privilege of discovering that it’s got bugs in it.

So, I have long since adopted a “wait and see” attitude about software upgrades.  When a new version of something is announced I do NOT run right out and get it.  I wait for somebody ELSE to find that show stopping bug and let THEM deal with finding a fix for it.  Once the bug and it’s fix have made their way back to the developers and a new patch has been released to fix it, THEN I’ll consider doing the upgrade.

Another thing about upgrades is that there have been many times that i don’t do an “upgrade” because the changes made in it are either unnecessary or involve parts of the software that I do not use.

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I just read an article on that left me shaking my head in utter disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the situation.

It seems that a Vancouver businessman, Wayne Crookes, claims that writer Jon Newton defamed him by linking to reputation-smearing articles in a 2006 post about free speech on his website,

Essentially he’s trying to get the courts to agree that merely linking to something amounts to the same thing as publishing it and in particular that linking to an (allegedly) libellous article can be legally the same as if you’d written the offending article yourself.

The problem with this is that links are perhaps the most important feature of the web.  Frankly I don’t see it.  Providing a link to something does not mean that you agree with what people will find there.  It is merely more information, not unlike a footnote in a book.

The difference is important.  Telling somebody where something is cannot possibly be the same thing as writing that something yourself.  If I were to write something that said Joe Blow was embezzling money to pay debts instead of using credit repair services then that would be libelous.  If on the other hand I were to link to an article that someone else wrote making such claims, all I would be doing is saying “Here’s an article so and so wrote” and the link merely shows where that article is.  In providing that link I’m not making the statements in the article being linked to, the author who wrote the article is making those statements.  I would merely be reporting the existence of it.

The thing is, while this seems like an incredibly stupid lawsuit it’s also a very important one.  If the court should rule in favor of this guy that will open the way for anyone and everyone to start a torrential flood of lawsuits against anyone and everyone that links to something that they don’t like.

In my opinion this is nonsense and that nonsense needs to be stopped cold.

Imagine an internet where links are hardly ever used because people were afraid of being sued because of something that somebody else wrote?  The internet would become a mere shadow of what it is now and freedom of speech on the Internet would become a thing of the past.

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Killing Dofollow Comments Worked!

Last month I wrote that I’m Done With Dofollow Comments, explaining that I believed that this blog was being penalized because so many of the urls in those dofollow comments were pointing to what search engines in general and Google in particular refer to as “bad neighborhoods” and that I was going to disable the plugins that made dofollow comments possible.

A bit of history is in order.  Back in the fall of ’07, just before the infamous “Google slap”, this blog enjoyed a PR 3 ranking and I fully expected it to eventually reach a PR 4.  Then Google updated their algorithms and blogs by the thousands lost page rank. First they’d slip a point or two, then after the next update they’d fall to zero.

That’s what happened here.  Over the course of three months this blog lost a point of PR every month until by Dec ’07 it was sitting at PR zero.  That’s where it stayed all this time in spite of all my efforts to build inbound links and promote the site. I even looked into so-called services that have a habit of guaranteeing results like it was some kind of private placement memorandum.  I looked into all kinds of ways to get links and ended up just doing things myself, the hard way, because those “services” are not for the “financially challenged”.

Then last month I removed plugins that made the urls in comments dofollow (i.e. would pass page rank).  After I did that I went about business as usual.  Then only today I noticed.  The PR for this site was NO LONGER ZERO!  The base url, now ranks higher than PR 0 for the first time in two effing years.  Granted, It’s only a PR 1, but it’s the first move in the right direction in years.  I’ve also noticed a definite trend of increased traffic levels over the last several weeks.

Can it be just coincidence that it happened within thirty days of removing dofollow?  I don’t believe so.  I think the return of page rank and the increase in traffic from search engines is directly related to allowing comment urls to go back to their default rel=”nofollow” status.

As a result of this, I’ll be removing those dofollow plugins from all of my blogs within the next few days.

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