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YouTube Exempted From White House Web Privacy Rules

The new privacy policy at the White House website says, among other things, that it doesn’t use long term tracking cookies in accordance with a ruling prohibiting the use of long term “persistent” cookies by federal agencies.

It’s Been A LONG Month

I just had a look and the last time I posted here was back on Dec 11th 2008.  It feels to me like it was a lifetime ago on another world.  Shortly after writing that post my wife had to be admitted to the hospital to get treatment for cellulitis, a truly nasty bugger if ever there was one.

We Really Need Laptops In This House

There aren’t enough computers in our house.  Granted, we’ve been blessed enough to have three desktop machines on a home LAN with enough bandwidth for all of them to be online at the same time, there is still a shortage however.

Comment Spam

I’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of comment spam in recent weeks.  Usually the Akismet and Bad behavior plugins do most of the work of keeping the crap out of the comments but there’s been a higher than normal level of sewage backing up in the comment queue and, to continue the analogy, I’ve had to do something of a power flush and turn the bathroom faucets full open to hose out the crap left in some comments.

Random Redirect WordPress Plugin

In a Stumbleupon kind of way people get a different random entry every time they use the random url, which allows them to get a look at more of your blog than they ordinarily would, probably finding interesting stuff along the way that they would otherwise have missed.