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Blogging In Iran Can Get You The Death Penalty

Just in case you thought China was the only country doing stuff like this, they’re not.  The Iranian government is working on a law that’s going to “toughen punishment for harming mental security in society” (translation: give the government more license to kill people that openly disagree with it.) They’re already blocking websites that either have sexual content, anything religious that does not agree with Islamic doctrines, and of course, anything that doesn’t agree with government approved politics.

Some Changes

I’ve been thinking about some changes to the look and function of the blog and tonight I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing some of it.  I removed the big no-google graphic and the dead monitor donate button that were in the sidebar because, honestly, they were taking up a bunch of space and not […]

How To Add Links To WordPress Posts

It’s possible to do a lot of blogging without the use of links but sooner or later you’re going to want to include a link to some page you want to share or that is somehow relevant to something that you are writing about.  I’ll also grant that by and large I think that a […]

Dead Monitor Cramps Computing Style!

What do you do when you’re toiling away at the project of the moment and all of a sudden your monitor goes dark?  There’s no clicking sounds, not a whiff of smoke or a flicker of the lights.  The computer itself continues merrily along, waiting for your next input or instruction.  Checking and double-checking the […]

Syrian blogger sentenced to three years in jail

Just in case anyone thought that Middle Eastern nations allow their citizens freedom of expression, take a look at this brief news item about a Syrian blogger.  It shows clearly that the Syrians are among those nations who have yet to shed their mental corsets and realize that freedom of speech and expression is something […]