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How Does Your Webhost Rate?

Whether you’ve got a traditional website, a blog, forum or some fancy web 2.0 site the one thing that they all have in common is the need for webhosting. provides information and ratings of top web hosting providers. However it doesn’t stop there.  There is also a wealth of web hosting articles covering all […]

Thingamablog Templates And Freenet 0.5

Recently I wrote about a project Modifying Thingamablog For Freenet 0.5 and while I have not yet been able to solve the puzzle of how to make the needed mods for the current version of Thingamablog, I have run into a problem with the templates. Thingamablog uses tags within the templates that need to be […]

Chucking Chip-in

Back on March 21 I decided to try putting one of those “Chip-in” widgets in the sidebar.  The idea was to raise enough cash to get a digital camera.  Something better than the Polaroid Photomax Digital 320 that we’ve got laying around here or the webcam that, on a good day, can manage 620 by […]

Too Bad Laptops Don’t Grow On Trees

Ever get the admonition from your parents that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or variations of it such as “[mistreated, expensive, and/or hard to find item] doesn’t grow on trees”?  I’m reminded of that now as our household finds itself in need of a laptop or three to supplement our desktop systems with the portability […]

Modifying Thingamablog For Freenet 0.5

When I started my first blog, I was using thingamablog to do it with.  I’ve long since converted to WordPress but I remember it well.  It was actually a decent program. Then on the latest edition of the flog “My Two Cents Worth(freenet link*)” there’s talk of a version that’s been modified so that it’s […]