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How Does Your Webhost Rate?

Whether you’ve got a traditional website, a blog, forum or some fancy web 2.0 site the one thing that they all have in common is the need for webhosting. provides information and ratings of top web hosting providers.

However it doesn’t stop there.  There is also a wealth of web hosting articles covering all kinds of topics from cPanel Tutorials, webstats, security and more.  The section on cPanel tutorials has nearly a dozen in-depth articles that cover several features of cPanel and their uses.

I’m not planning to change webhosts anytime soon but if I WERE thinking about it, I’d be spending a lot of time reading those articles first.

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Thingamablog Templates And Freenet 0.5

Recently I wrote about a project Modifying Thingamablog For Freenet 0.5 and while I have not yet been able to solve the puzzle of how to make the needed mods for the current version of Thingamablog, I have run into a problem with the templates.

Thingamablog uses tags within the templates that need to be converted into the final urls for each of the various pages within a blog.  For example, every occurance of <$BaseURL$> in the template will be replaced with the BaseUrl of the blog.  i.e.

There are several of these tags:

They present a problem when inserting the blog into freenet however because in order to do that, the BaseUrl has to be #$#ps.key;/#$#e:ps.ednum;//, which the Freesite Insertion Wizard (FiW) will replace with the correct /SSK@publickeyvalue/edition-number//

The problem is that this only works for the index.html page of the blog.  I need to find a way to convince FiW to parse all of the .html pages in the blog instead of just the index.  This is needed in order for the different pages of the blog to work within freenet.

I’d appreciate input from Freenet 0.5 users or Thingamablog users on ways to get the themes that are distributed with Thingamablog to work properly for freenet blogs (flogs)

I’d really like to get this off the ground because publishing within freenet is a great way to be able to distribute material that would otherwise be subject to censorship and Thingamablog is a great tool for creating and formatting the flog (freenet blog) before it is published.

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Chucking Chip-in

Back on March 21 I decided to try putting one of those “Chip-in” widgets in the sidebar.  The idea was to raise enough cash to get a digital camera.  Something better than the Polaroid Photomax Digital 320 that we’ve got laying around here or the webcam that, on a good day, can manage 620 by 480 resolution *IF* you can get the thing to hold still and manage to get just the right lighting while tethered to the desktop pc by a three foot USB cable.

In the nearly two months since I put that widget in place I have to say that the single most notable thing it’s accomplished is to slow down the page loading times and make the blog sluggish.  Therefore, in honor of the stunning results it’s achieved.  I have just deleted the code for it.

Some things aren’t worth the trouble.

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Too Bad Laptops Don’t Grow On Trees

Ever get the admonition from your parents that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or variations of it such as “[mistreated, expensive, and/or hard to find item] doesn’t grow on trees”?  I’m reminded of that now as our household finds itself in need of a laptop or three to supplement our desktop systems with the portability of a laptop system.  Of course, since it’s sadly true that laptops, especially good Acer laptops with dual core processors, 1gb+ ram, webcams and 160gb hard drive don’t grow on trees ( or even rosebushes) it’s time to start budgeting and planning for them, saving money from whatever corner of the budget that it can be scraped out of.

The part that really smokes my cookies is that just plain saving up for something doesn’t work anymore.  Technology is developing fast enough and prices changing fast enough that just saving for something means that by the time you can get it, the thing is liable to be obsolete.

That’s one of the reason’s I tried putting in that ‘Chip in’ widget on my sidebar.  Just saving up for a digital camera that does better than 640 x 480 x 256 colors would take too long.  Of course, the widget has run quite a bit of it’s course without proving to be worth the screen real estate it takes up.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many people actually get anywhere with those things?

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Modifying Thingamablog For Freenet 0.5

When I started my first blog, I was using thingamablog to do it with.  I’ve long since converted to WordPress but I remember it well.  It was actually a decent program.

Then on the latest edition of the flog “My Two Cents Worth(freenet link*)” there’s talk of a version that’s been modified so that it’s possible to use it for freenet.  I’ve known about this version since it was created and I even knew that the original developer of the freenet mod hasn’t worked on it in a long time and has, in fact lost their source code in a hard drive crash.  What I hadn’t realized however was that in all this time, nobody else has taken up the project.

So, I took a look at the test flog (freenet link*) and the flog (a ‘flog’ is a Freenet Blog) of the guy who did the mod (freenet link*) and it’s all very familiar Thingamablog style blog, though the only known executable: Thingamablog-1.0.5.freenet.jar

has got a few bugs that need to be worked out.  Apparently it’s not quite the version used to insert /jaff/15// (freenet link*) and the original project was never completed.

Since the modified source is not available, I got the source for Thingamablog 1.16b from Sourceforge and tried to recreate what had been done on 1.0.5 Here’s the source code for what I’ve managed so far: Source code for freenet version of thingamablog1.16b

So far, I’ve managed to do the part described in /jaff/12// (freenet link*), so it’ will accept
#$#ps.key;/#$#e:ps.ednum;// as a base URL which FiW can then parse into the correct freesite key for insertion, but there still remains the part described in /jaff/13// (freenet link*).

I’ve not been able to figure out where in the source the thing puts together the URLs for categories, archive pages, or individual article permalinks

The problem is that while I’ve varying degrees of skill in Basic, C, html, php, tcl and a bit of javascript I haven’t done much with Java at all.  This makes figuring out somebody elses code a lot more difficult.

Back in January I tried asking on the Thingamablog forum on Sourceforge and haven’t yet seen a reply.

If somebody would be willing to take a look at this source and give me a clue or six I’d love to see this project completed and working.  Especially if it could achieve Jafo’s original goal of adding functionality to TAMB that would let it handle the inserts as well as the blog management duties.

This would make creating and maintaining a flog so easy that it could well bring more *current* freesites into existence.

Besides, as was pointed out on /mytwocents/61//(freenet link*), 0.7 has taken this idea and run with it.  THEY have a thingamablog that is tailored to talk directly to the 0.7 node.

I don’t know about anybody else but this idea originated on 0.5 and I’d like to see 0.5 benefit from an easy to use, self contained, Flog publishing system that this could turn into.


* Note: links marked with “(freenet link*)” will only work if you have freenet 0.5 running on

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