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Freenet 0.7.0 release candidate 1 released

First, I’ll quote the “official” announcement that appeared on the Freenet support list this morning:

Freenet is a global peer-to-peer network designed to allow users to publish and consume information without fear of censorship.  To use it, you must download the Freenet software, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems.  Once you install and run Freenet, your computer will join a global, decentralized P2P network. You will be able to publish and consume information anonymously, either through your web browser, or through a
variety of third party applications.

Freenet 0.7 is a ground-up rewrite of Freenet.  The key user-facing feature in Freenet 0.7 is the ability to operate Freenet in a “darknet” mode, where your Freenet node will only talk to other Freenet users that you trust.  This makes it much more difficult for an adversary to discover that you are using Freenet, let alone what you are doing with it. 0.7 also includes significant improvements to both security and performance.

Freenet 0.7 RC1 can be downloaded from:

There’s been a lot of work done on 0.7 since it was split off from 0.5 back in Dec 2005 and yes, 0.7 is faster … for small files and Frost messages.  I understand that large files can still take two to three times longer to retrieve or insert on 0.7 as the same files will take on 0.5

However, 0.7 is worth checking out and looking around.  It will probably take a while for people new to freenet to become familiarized with how things work and get a feel for best practices.  However, with either version there are some basics:

1), For best results, your node should run 24/7 or as much of the time as possible.

2), The larger your node’s data store, the better.  I’d recommend at least 1GB and preferably more. My 0.5 node has 25GB of store and my 0.7 node is set to use 10GB for now.

3), When a new node first starts up, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so to get sufficiently integrated into the network for freesites and files to start loading at a decent pace.

4), On 0.7, you’re better off to exchange darknet refs with ~ 10 to 15 other nodes and disable “promiscuous mode” (opennet)

I personally intend to stay with 0.5 as my primary freenet experience.  Especially since development work has re-started on it a few months ago.

I will also continue to maintain my own “unofficial freenet alternative download” page with installers for several recent builds of freenet, a seednodes.ref file and a little bit of help getting it installed and started.  I’ve just started some update work on this page and will be adding several more pages to cover several freenet utilities as time permits.

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I recently discovered something that I think is going to turn out to be a really popular plugin.  It’s the CommentLuv WordPress plugin.

When enabled, it looks for the most recent post on the RSS feed at the url that the commenter leaves when posting the comment and adds a link to that post at the end of their comment.

This plugin, used in combination with Lucia’s Linky Love, is going to do a lot to encourage comments and therefore build traffic on blogs.  Lucia’s Linky Love already encourages people to comment because after a user definable number of comments from a combination of name, email and url, the link that the comment poster leaves is made ‘Do Follow’ (the default nofollow is removed from it) and after some more posts, the urls they leave in their comments become ‘Do Follow’.  This is to encourage repeat visits and comments.

Adding CommentLuv to it gives even more reason to return to a blog and comment because now not only will your blog url become ‘Do Follow’ but CL will reach out and give you a free ‘deep link’ to your most recent post.

All in all, this is an everybody wins situation.  Blogs with these plugins get more traffic and comments, and people visiting and commenting on these blogs end up with more inbound links to more urls on their site.

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“Link Juice” And Social Bookmarking Sites

Anybody that’s been around the web in general and blogging in particular knows very much the value of social bookmarking sites, like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon and others. They’re the source of a lot of traffic and it’s helpful to be indexed in their sites.  If you’ve got the SearchStatus plugin for Firefox and you enable it’s option to “Highlight Nofollow Links”, you’ll also know that most of the links on most of these sites are Nofollow links.

This means that while using technorati tags and social bookmarking links is a great idea, there is zero sense in using anything but nofollow links in the tags and in links to other social sites

Sometime back I wrote “Build Traffic With Technorati” in which I first talked about the famous blog index and a tag generator javascript that I discovered.  Then later in “How To Choose Good Tags” I reposted the Technorati Tag Generator.

Since then, I’ve decided that it’s best if links like technorati tags and the Sociable plugin’s links to other social bookmarking sites are Nofollow.  I’ve edited the code in the tag generator so that the tags it produces are nofollow.

I spent some time trying to do the same with the Sociable plugin for WordPress but haven’t managed it yet.  Then earlier tonight I ran across a little gem on Andy Beard’s blog called “Sphinn Support – Antisocial (SEO Friendly Sociable) WordPress Plugin“, about a version of Sociable that’s been hacked to make the links it generates Nofollow.  It also adds a tweak or two and fixes a bug in the stumbleupon code that was in the original.

I’m thinking that especially with the way Search Engines <gazes pointedly at the image in the sidebar> are working these days, it’s a good idea to be a bit on the stingy side with “Do Follow” links.  Even if you don’t want to be stingy with it, there’s still no reason in the world to use a “do follow” link to a site where most (if not all) of the links on it are Nofollow.

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Internet Censorship’s First Death Sentence?

This is a few days old and I wish I’d gotten to it sooner but better late than never.
A journalism student in Afghanistan made the fatal mistake of telling a truth that somebody didn’t want told.

Specifically, he downloaded and then shared a report that was critical of the treatment of women in islamic countries.  Apparently Islamic powers that be REALLY don’t want things like this out there where people… especially their citizens or the general public world wide, did something about it.

They accused him of blasphemy and then tried him without any representation.  The blasphemy charge shows that the islamic authorities haven’t any more clue about what it means than most people.  Blasphemy means to speak evil about or ascribe evil actions and motivations to God.  Obviously this guy didn’t do anything like that.  If he had anything to say about anyone being evil it would be the government and religious authorities (usually one and the same in islamic nations) that the report he shared accused of evil actions and intentions.

Something New

If you’re reading this then it’s pretty likely that you’ve noticed the banner ad at the top of the page and the half-banners between each entry.  I’ve decided to try out some of the more commonly used forms of advertising such as Bidvertiser and some others to see if they can actually be made to generate a useful amount of income.

This means that not only will the ads appear between posts (I figure that gives them decent exposure but keeps them from being too intrusive), but will probably appear in the sidebar as well and other places depending on what type of advertising it is.

Also, within the limits of what various and sundry ad programs permit, I’ll be using several of them in an effort to get the most revenue out of it without interfering with the primary content.

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