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Putting Inbound Technorati Links Back On WordPress Dashboard

When wordpress went from version 2.2 to 2.3, one of the changes I noticed was the incoming links are no longer shown from Technorati.  Instead you see the incoming links from a google blogsearch.  I started out doing this because I wasn't all that thrilled about the change and wanted to change back.  Along the […]

Japan to Regulate Online Communications?

I just saw a slashdot item that makes me wonder about the Japanese government…  They’re apparently getting some laws passed that are laying the groundwork for what has the potential to become an Orwellian regulation of online communications. Oh, it’s initial purpose is going to be to stop piracy and illegal downloads & such, but […]

Network Solutions Web Hosting

Since I am going to be talking about a web hosting service provider It occurred to me that it would be a decent idea to start by providing a definition. Web Hosting is the disk space on a web server that holds all of the files needed (html, images, video, sounds, Etc) for a website […]

Annoyed With Google?  Want To Show It?

Get this badge at A Peculiar BlogBadge Created by Thriell   By now you have seen this image in my sidebar with the universal negate on it.  My decision to place this image on my blog rises out of growing disapproval of “G” and the way they’ve decided to handle things concerning pagerank lately which […]


Well, I think I’ve just taken the last step in my latest re-design adjustments.  I’ve deactivated and removed the adsense plugin from WordPress and the last bit of ‘G’ specific code (analytics) is now gone.  I switched to using statcounter instead because frankly, it’s a lot more user friendly and easier to deal with.  The […]