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Texas Hospital Wants Blogger’s Identity

A hospital in Paris, Texas has filed a defamation suit against an anonymous blogger that has been writing very critical postings about the hospital and their practices.  This is testing the limits of freedom of speech and the rights of whistle-blowers that are trying to expose some wrong doing.

This thing is already going the wrong direction because a district judge already plans to order a Dallas ISP to reveal the blogger’s identity.  Naturally the blogger’s lawyer is appealing to preserve his anonymity and ability to speak without fear of retaliation.

This kind of lawsuit and the fact that sooner or later it’s possible that some judge is going to cave and establish a nasty precedent that allows anyone to file a suit claiming defamation and demand an identity.  Which can then allow the blogger to be dealt retribution in as many forms as you can imagine.

This is why it is very important to be extremely careful when blogging anonymously.  You need to make certain that there are no links back to you in email, your IP address appearing in the logs of every web site you visit and so on.

It can take a little bit of work and the learning curve is a bit steep, which means that only those who are genuinely serious will pursue truly anonymous, untraceable blogging.  But it CAN be done and I’m going to cover some of the details in upcoming posts.

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China Shuts Down Over 18,000 Websites

Next month in China there’s a big political event, the “Communist Party Congress” and in preparation for this event Chinese ISP’s and government censors are shutting down websites by the thousands. Basically they’re hitting just about any site that has any potential for people expressing their opinions… Especially when those opinions don’t agree with the official government party line.

This would be the same government that will stand by the claim that everybody loves the government.

Yeah, right.

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