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Conan O’Brian To Play Minecraft

It seems that Conan O’Brian has a new thing going called “Clueless Gamer”, in which he plays popular video games. There is a poll asking what game he should play next. The list includes: Minecraft Fight Night Champion The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Kinect Star Wars Battlefield 3 Tetris As of this writing […]

It’s Really Tired Out

I’m tired.  Not just physically tired and in need of sleep to restore the body to fully waking status.  I’m talking about being mentally and emotionally tired. I’m talking about being exhausted from trying to come up with things to make my videos better and more engaging so that more people will watch them and […]

The Verdict Is In

The “dream system” I’ve been building (or trying to build) in on at least a temporary hold. I did some more testing today, trying various configurations as well as clearing the CMOS memory.  The result is that either the job I did of replacing those capacitors was borked or (this is most likely) the board […]

Dream System Still A Dream

Well tonight now that the heatsink compound had arrived and started the build of my new system. I got the whole thing put together.  (I even recorded a video of the build which is rendering as I write this). As I’ve said before it’s a really good system. A good ASUS motherboard, Nvidea graphics, a […]

A Dream System Comes True

For something over twenty years now I’ve wanted to be able to build a really fast and powerful desktop computer.  Something that would be able to handle any task I can throw at it from video editing to 3D modeling with Blender to running games like Minecraft at full render distance and fancy graphics without […]