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Conan O’Brian To Play Minecraft

It seems that Conan O’Brian has a new thing going called “Clueless Gamer”, in which he plays popular video games. There is a poll asking what game he should play next.

The list includes:


Fight Night Champion

The Sims 3: Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats

Kinect Star Wars

Battlefield 3


As of this writing it is obvious that Minecraft fans have made their presence felt in a huge way because 80.62% of the votes thus far are that Conan should play Minecraft.

Battlefield 3 is in second place at 12.47%. The rest are clearly out of the running, each having less than 3% of the votes.

This means that a certain late night talk show host is going to face the skeletons, zombies and creepers of Minecraft. Oh, let’s not forget the enigmatic teleporting Endermen.

Comments I’ve seen indicate that many are looking forward to hearing him scream like a little girl when a creeper explodes in his face, probably during his first night in Minecraft.

I must admit that I think it could be more than a bit funny. Too bad I won’t be able to watch it.

It’s Really Tired Out

I’m tired.  Not just physically tired and in need of sleep to restore the body to fully waking status.  I’m talking about being mentally and emotionally tired.

I’m talking about being exhausted from trying to come up with things to make my videos better and more engaging so that more people will watch them and share them with their friends and family.

I’m talking about how incredibly, awesomely weary I am of looking at things I have written and thinking “Damn, that sucks” in spite of how much effort I may have put into writing it at the time.

I’m tired of spending hour after hour after hour after hour writing in my blogs, doing keyword research and optimizing my posts for both human readers and for search engines all in an effort to squeeze a few more visitors out of them, hoping and praying that their precious clicks on adverts will increase enough so that I can actually earn a living wage that pays all of my bills and leaves a bit for me for the first time since 1997.

Basically, I’m tired of working my ass off and getting little to no return for it.

If you think that just because I don’t have a job working for somebody else that I’m just a lazy good for nothing sot leaching off of society you’ve got another think coming.

YOU try making two videos a day and keeping up with writing on six blogs while trying to be creative in both writing and video making!

I’ve been doing the daily video thing for almost two years now and ya’know what?  I’m TIRED!  Nearly burned out in fact.  The creativity that used to come so easily for making videos is all but gone.  Worn to a frazzle.

As for writing, I’ve been doing that since around 1998.  Then I started this blog in February 2006.  Since then I’ve had to expand to writing in five more blogs aside from this one.  In that time I have written a total of well over 2,500 blog posts.

At an average of 250 words each that comes out to me having written approximately 625,000 words in the last six years.  Can you blame me for feeling tired and like my creativity has been stretched so thin that it’s almost impossible to see anymore?

What’s almost scary is that lately I have been giving serious thought to starting to write actively in a seventh blog.

As you can see, my writing, while I honestly love doing it is yet another form of creativity that has been pushed and pushed and pushed until 99 percent of what I write is, in my personal opinion, total, absolute, shit.

I’m tired of scraping by most of the time, having the occasional financial blessing that lets me get caught up for a few months and then gradually start falling behind again.

Frankly I need a break, a vacation from all this responsibility to keep working my ass off to earn every stinking penny I can.  A vacation from having to rack my brains every single day trying desperately to come up with something, anything, that will draw more readers, more viewers, and more clicks.

Too bad I cannot afford to take such a vacation.  Not even for one day.  I dare not stop writing and I dare not stop making videos because I desperately need every cent those things generate, precious little though it may be.

So why am I writing this?  Because if I do not at the very least, vent, I’m gonna go totally fucking nuts, that’s why.

I mean, it would be a lot easier to deal with all this shit if I didn’t have to be doing it alone.  and I’m not referring to just having “someone to talk to” either.  That’s all well and good but I want more than that.

I’ve been alone entirely too long (as in literally most of my life) and I think that having somebody to not only talk to but curl up with when I’m not feeling good would do wonders.  Not that I’d want to stop there. Oh no.

However that’s another subject entirely

The Verdict Is In

The “dream system” I’ve been building (or trying to build) in on at least a temporary hold.

I did some more testing today, trying various configurations as well as clearing the CMOS memory.  The result is that either the job I did of replacing those capacitors was borked or (this is most likely) the board is just plain dead on arrival because of the beating it took during shipping.

Dream System Still A Dream

Well tonight now that the heatsink compound had arrived and started the build of my new system.

I got the whole thing put together.  (I even recorded a video of the build which is rendering as I write this).

As I’ve said before it’s a really good system. A good ASUS motherboard, Nvidea graphics, a total of eight gigabytes of RAM and a two terabyte hard drive.

The only problem is that after finishing the build and powering it on nothing showed up on my monitor except the message that it’s not getting a signal from the GPU.

As you can imagine I’m ready to scream right about now.

No way could I have been able to get a computer with as much potential if I’d had to save up for a Retail System.  For one thing it would have taken me at least another year and by then whatever I would have gotten would have been obsolete by the time I could afford it.

This system has the promise of being at least reasonably modern and definitely will, once it’s finally working, be powerful enough to let me do a lot of really cool stuff.

At the moment however it’s a brick.

A Dream System Comes True

For something over twenty years now I’ve wanted to be able to build a really fast and powerful desktop computer.  Something that would be able to handle any task I can throw at it from video editing to 3D modeling with Blender to running games like Minecraft at full render distance and fancy graphics without lag or performance problems.

It’s finally starting to happen.  It started when somebody I know on YouTube upgraded his system not long ago and decided to send me the still perfectly good parts that he is no longer using.

An Asus P5N-e SLi Motherboard, a Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4GHz CPU and four sticks of 1 GB Kingston HyperX PC2 6400 DDR2 800MHz ram.

I took the time to look up the specs on this stuff and I was thoroughly impressed.  This is some pretty good stuff, capable of quite a bit.

There was a wierd quirky delay in shipping because for some reason the Danish post office sent it to Arkansas by way of Argentina.  I had actually figured that it would probably be lost in Argentina’s postal system for a long time (if not forever).  Then just about a week ago I was pleasantly surprised by it’s arrival.

For some time now I’d been trying to keep some money stashed away for the purpose of eventually getting the stuff I wanted to build that dream system.  I took that money and used it to get a few things:

An 850 Watt 850W 120mm Fan ATX Power Supply with SLI-ready PCI-Express SATA 20/24 PIN connectors, A socket 775 Cpu Fan, Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit to take full advantage of the 64bit architecture of the CPU & Motherboard (which I plan to dual-boot with the 64bit version of Kubuntu Linux), and a Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TERABYTE Hard Drive (which has more than twice the combined capacity of every other hard drive I have EVER owned!)

I was looking around at graphics cards when another person offered me an Nvidea GTX 295 (I checked the specs on this too, a VERY capable GPU) that was “sitting in a box on the shelf” and a third person, after looking at a list of stuff I’ve already got, said that the 17 inch VGA monitor simply would not do and is sending a 19inch Dell flat LCD display.

As of today the power supply, CPU heatsink & fan, Windows 7 and 2TB hard drive have arrived.  Once the last things are here I’m going to take an afternoon and actually build the best computer system I’ve ever owned.

Who says good things don’t happen spontaneously?

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