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Boston Cops Arrest People For Recording Police

I was reading through some accutane reviews (my “helpful” neighbor just won’t shut up until I look over all 347 sites he’s found in his “research”) when I ran across an article on that caught my eye. Police fight cellphone recordings Witnesses taking audio of officers arrested, charged with illegal surveillance As it turns […]

You Got A License For That Web Browser?

According to a story on ITnews there’s some people arguing that it’s time to require a kind of “internet drivers license” before allowing people to go online for the first time. Australia’s leading criminologist thinks online scams have escalated to such a point that first-time users of computers should have to earn a licence to […]

Deleting Cookies? Don’t Forget The SuperCookies!

By now I think that probably most people online these days knows about cookies.  That they’re little text files that allows a website to store up to 4k of information on your computer.  They allow websites to recognize you when you come back, remember your login information and preferences settings and so on. Cookies are […]

Cable Operators Want To Watch You

I’ve just read something on Slashdot that’s served to harden my resolve to never do business with a cable tv provider again. Recently at CableLab’s semi-annual “Innovation Showcase”, the item that was voted “best new product” is something produced by a company called PrimeSense.  It’s something that allows digital devices to “see” a 3-D view […]

GPS To Become More Problem Than Benefit

I’ve always thought that GPS systems in vehicles was a very two sided thing.  On the one hand you have the convenience of having reliable navigational aids available on demand.  There’s no need for futzing around with often difficult to manage paper maps, they can locate your position to within a very close margin of […]