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It’s Really Tired Out

I’m tired.  Not just physically tired and in need of sleep to restore the body to fully waking status.  I’m talking about being mentally and emotionally tired.

I’m talking about being exhausted from trying to come up with things to make my videos better and more engaging so that more people will watch them and share them with their friends and family.

I’m talking about how incredibly, awesomely weary I am of looking at things I have written and thinking “Damn, that sucks” in spite of how much effort I may have put into writing it at the time.

I’m tired of spending hour after hour after hour after hour writing in my blogs, doing keyword research and optimizing my posts for both human readers and for search engines all in an effort to squeeze a few more visitors out of them, hoping and praying that their precious clicks on adverts will increase enough so that I can actually earn a living wage that pays all of my bills and leaves a bit for me for the first time since 1997.

Basically, I’m tired of working my ass off and getting little to no return for it.

If you think that just because I don’t have a job working for somebody else that I’m just a lazy good for nothing sot leaching off of society you’ve got another think coming.

YOU try making two videos a day and keeping up with writing on six blogs while trying to be creative in both writing and video making!

I’ve been doing the daily video thing for almost two years now and ya’know what?  I’m TIRED!  Nearly burned out in fact.  The creativity that used to come so easily for making videos is all but gone.  Worn to a frazzle.

As for writing, I’ve been doing that since around 1998.  Then I started this blog in February 2006.  Since then I’ve had to expand to writing in five more blogs aside from this one.  In that time I have written a total of well over 2,500 blog posts.

At an average of 250 words each that comes out to me having written approximately 625,000 words in the last six years.  Can you blame me for feeling tired and like my creativity has been stretched so thin that it’s almost impossible to see anymore?

What’s almost scary is that lately I have been giving serious thought to starting to write actively in a seventh blog.

As you can see, my writing, while I honestly love doing it is yet another form of creativity that has been pushed and pushed and pushed until 99 percent of what I write is, in my personal opinion, total, absolute, shit.

I’m tired of scraping by most of the time, having the occasional financial blessing that lets me get caught up for a few months and then gradually start falling behind again.

Frankly I need a break, a vacation from all this responsibility to keep working my ass off to earn every stinking penny I can.  A vacation from having to rack my brains every single day trying desperately to come up with something, anything, that will draw more readers, more viewers, and more clicks.

Too bad I cannot afford to take such a vacation.  Not even for one day.  I dare not stop writing and I dare not stop making videos because I desperately need every cent those things generate, precious little though it may be.

So why am I writing this?  Because if I do not at the very least, vent, I’m gonna go totally fucking nuts, that’s why.

I mean, it would be a lot easier to deal with all this shit if I didn’t have to be doing it alone.  and I’m not referring to just having “someone to talk to” either.  That’s all well and good but I want more than that.

I’ve been alone entirely too long (as in literally most of my life) and I think that having somebody to not only talk to but curl up with when I’m not feeling good would do wonders.  Not that I’d want to stop there. Oh no.

However that’s another subject entirely

AudioMicro Stealing Youtube Partner Revenue

I have been using royalty free creative commons licensed music from incompetech.com for well over a year.  Not only that but anytime anyone talks about needing music that they can use in monetized videos that doesn’t cost them a fortune I’ve encouraged them to check out the huge list of royalty free titles at incompetech.com

Recently, Kevin MacLeod (the genius behind the music) decided to use the services of a company called AudioMicro 1 to earn some money from his music.

They are using Youtube’s content id system to claim his music in the videos of anyone that uses it.  For NON-partners this has almost NO effect.  For Partners however, things aren’t so good.

When the content id match happens youtube automatically rejects the partner’s claim submitting that video for revenue sharing.  Instead, AudioMicro 1 is getting the benefit of any and all revenue generated by views and ad clicks on that video, presumably on behalf of the artist.

To remedy the situation the partner has to dispute that claim.  This can take anywhere from one to four or five days.

Once the dispute is processed and AudioMicro1 drops the claim, the partner can finally submit that video for revenue sharing.

The problem is that by then it’s too late.

You see, unless a video suddenly goes viral, most of the views it will ever get happen in the first day or two after it’s uploaded.  Because of the content id claim the revenue those views generate is lost forever to the partner.

Essentially this means that AudioMicro1 is STEALING that revenue from the partners.

On his website (incompetech.com), Kevin Macleaod has said that all anyone has to do is email AudioMicro1 and request that they be whitelisted to “opt out” of this mess.

Even though I shouldn’t have to, I did this.  I got an email from AudioMicro1 telling me that I was whitelisted and that there would be no problems, that claims would have no effect on me or my partner status.

I made a test video that used several pieces of music from incompetech.com.

The video had barely finished uploading when I got two emails from youtube.  One was an automated notification that the video had content owned or licensed by AudioMicro1.  This in spite of the fact that they had just told me this wouldn’t happen anymore.

The second email was from Partner Support informing me that they could not approve my claim for revenue sharing on that video.

Obviously the claim that shouldn’t have happened is very definitely having an effect that AudioMicro1 said would not happen.

This means that once again I have to dispute that claim (and they then have to drop it) before I can submit that video for revenue sharing.

In short, it means that once again they have stolen whatever revenue I might have earned from that video in it’s first couple of days.

Angry as hell, I made this video in response to this crap: Whitelist FAIL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W7brpInTMI

I then sent this video to Kevin MacLeod via twitter ( http://twitter.com/kmacleod ) in hopes that he would finally see the truth of what this company is doing in his name and do something to put a stop to this thievery.

In order to insure that he actually sees this, I’m asking everyone to send this video to him, by twitter or whatever other means you can use.

The way AudioMicro1 is doing business is flat out WRONG and it needs to stop.

When they do this to a non-partner it doesn’t cost anybody anything.  Doing it to a partner is costing that partner potential income, however small it might be the partner still has a right to that income.

Please, help me make sure that Kevin Macleod finally understands how these “people” are ruining his good name.

As it is now, in spite of how much I love his music and how well it fits what I’m using it for, I will have to stop using it until this mess is over with.  This means I’ll be spending a large part of the next month or two searching out new music, listening to hundreds, perhaps thousands of titles to find the dozen or two that I need.

[Update Apparently Kevin Macleod is not insensitive to the needs of youtube partners trying to earn a living with their videos.  It seems he’s working on getting things straightened out so that this kind of thing does not continue to be a problem.]

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How To Be Popular On YouTube

Now I don’t pretend to have THE definitive secret to being popular on YouTube.  If I did, then my own channel would be extremely popular and I would be a YouTube partner and earning money from my videos.

As it is I’m still working on it and I figure that I’m doing something right because I’m gaining more subscribers every day.  Three days ago I hit the 400 subscriber mark and as of this morning there are 454.  54 new subscribers in three days tells me I must be doing something right and that someday mine won’t be one of those channels that hardly anyone has ever heard of.

I must admit that one of the things that bugs me sometimes about YouTube is that some of the most popular people on there are young kids that look like they should still be more concerned with getting their next order of peonexin than what they are going to do for their next video that will likely be seen by over a million people.

One of the things that I have been doing is to watch some of the more successful YouTubers and pay attention to how they do things.  One example is RayWilliamJohnson, who as of this morning has 1,353,516 subscribers!  His channel is also the fourth most viewed on YouTube this month, He’s got to be doing something right.

I figure that if he’s got that many subscribers, then he’s somebody to watch and learn from.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of copying him.  Ok, I did do a parody of his “Equals Three” show which I called “Equals Pie“, but I don’t need to copy him normally.

His show did influence my vlogs to a degree.  After that parody I adopted the name “Equals Pi” (as in the number Pi, 3.142859…) and an element of style or two but my channel remains distinctly mine.  Oh, and that parody, It’s one of my best performing videos with over 12,000 views.  Yeah, I know that a big part of it is because when people look for parodies or episodes of =3, my parody will often show up in the search results and people frequently look at it out of curiosity.

I also think that parody isn’t quite understood by Ray’s regular audience because of some of the shall we say, impolite and / or unflattering, comments that people leave on it.

This video, his most recent as of this writing, is a typical example of what he does.  Basically he reviews viral videos and throws in some “colorful” comments.  He has fun with it and the people whose videos he’s reviewing get exposure and video views out of the deal as well from his featuring their videos because he puts links to the videos he’s reviewing in the description for his video.

By the way, the ninja bear is totally cool.

Chucking Chip-in

Back on March 21 I decided to try putting one of those “Chip-in” widgets in the sidebar.  The idea was to raise enough cash to get a digital camera.  Something better than the Polaroid Photomax Digital 320 that we’ve got laying around here or the webcam that, on a good day, can manage 620 by 480 resolution *IF* you can get the thing to hold still and manage to get just the right lighting while tethered to the desktop pc by a three foot USB cable.

In the nearly two months since I put that widget in place I have to say that the single most notable thing it’s accomplished is to slow down the page loading times and make the blog sluggish.  Therefore, in honor of the stunning results it’s achieved.  I have just deleted the code for it.

Some things aren’t worth the trouble.

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Too Bad Laptops Don’t Grow On Trees

Ever get the admonition from your parents that “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or variations of it such as “[mistreated, expensive, and/or hard to find item] doesn’t grow on trees”?  I’m reminded of that now as our household finds itself in need of a laptop or three to supplement our desktop systems with the portability of a laptop system.  Of course, since it’s sadly true that laptops, especially good Acer laptops with dual core processors, 1gb+ ram, webcams and 160gb hard drive don’t grow on trees ( or even rosebushes) it’s time to start budgeting and planning for them, saving money from whatever corner of the budget that it can be scraped out of.

The part that really smokes my cookies is that just plain saving up for something doesn’t work anymore.  Technology is developing fast enough and prices changing fast enough that just saving for something means that by the time you can get it, the thing is liable to be obsolete.

That’s one of the reason’s I tried putting in that ‘Chip in’ widget on my sidebar.  Just saving up for a digital camera that does better than 640 x 480 x 256 colors would take too long.  Of course, the widget has run quite a bit of it’s course without proving to be worth the screen real estate it takes up.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many people actually get anywhere with those things?

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