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How To Deal With Identity Theft

Identity theft is getting to be a really big issue these days.  It’s in the news all the time, usually two or three times a week you’ll see the talking heads relating yet another story about identity theft or something that this or that congresscritter is proposing to do about it.  Theres the seemingly endless […]

Border Agents Can Search Laptops Without Cause

Anyone considering traveling outside of the US would do well to read this item on the blog about a recent federal appeals court decision that border agents can search laptops, phones and other electronics without cause (and presumably without a warrant either). What it means is that anyone crossing the border needs to be […]

NXP Mifare Classic RFID encryption cracked

We can now raise a cheer for a group of a group of bright people in the Chaos Computer Club of Hamburg, Germany along with colleagues from the University of Virginia have succeeded in cracking the encryption scheme used on the Mifare Classic RFID chip sold by NXP. It turns out that the proprietary encryption […]

Freenet 0.7.0 release candidate 1 released

First, I’ll quote the “official” announcement that appeared on the Freenet support list this morning: Freenet is a global peer-to-peer network designed to allow users to publish and consume information without fear of censorship.  To use it, you must download the Freenet software, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems.  Once you install […]

Japan to Cut Internet Access for Winny Users

Japan’s four main Internet provider organizations have gotten together and worked out an arrangement where they’re going to be cutting Internet access to people using the “WinNy” P2P file sharing program. Their big reason for this is the big battle against piracy.  They’re claiming that most of the files being traded by the 1.75 million […]