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Watching Old Tv Shows

Lately, over the last three months, I’ve spent a lot of time watching (and often just *trying* to watch) online videos of some of my favorite old tv shows.  Particularly those that I did not have the chance to watch when they were on tv.

The problem is that so many of the links for those old tv shows either just plain don’t work or they run really slowly, making it a real pain to watch the shows in two and three minute bites instead of the whole thing.

What I need to do is expand my search and find the overall best video download site where I can get reliable, fast downloads of these shows.  Something that will let me watch every episode of a show without having to stop multiple times during the show or have to wait unreasonable amounts of time for the stream to start and become watchable.

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An Interesting Freenet Misconception

It’s amazing how things have changed here in Nutjob Hills in just the last ten years.  Back then hardly anyone in town even had a basic idea of what the internet is and even fewer actually had access.  Less than one in a hundred of them actually used it for anything besides playing flash games on their favorite website portal.

Now things are really different.  Oh it’s true that there’s some that still aren’t connected and refuse to even consider it because of how “evil” they thing it is but overall most locals have, if only to keep up with the Joneses, been gradually moving into the 21st century.

Still, there are mountains of misconceptions and wrong ideas floating about.  Like the time recently when Bobby Jo and Jo Bob got into another of their famous arguments.  Bobby Jo was insisting that Freenet Classic Openet was part of most common ps3 bundles and Jo Bob was equally adamant that this was not and likely never will be true.

Jo Bob is right of course.  While I think it would be a great idea and would do wonders for the Freenet network, it is not and to my knowledge never has been part of any bundles, especially on game consoles.

I suppose it’s just as well.  I can only begin to imagine the difficulties involved in pushing updates as new builds are produced.  Besides which certain companies, whom I will not name, are somewhat less than thrilled about the idea of people being able to communicate privately and anonymously or being able to publish anything they want to anoymously and I’m sure none of them would ever agree to having something like Freenet bundled with their machines.

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Finishing The Trap

The Trap

I’ve decided to build a trap around the spawner and essentially turn it into an arrow & bone factory.  Once this is done and working I’ll have an infinite supply of both.

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The Skeleton Spawner

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