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Facebook Overtakes MySpace: I Wonder How?

According to an article on PC Pro, media giant Rupert Murdoch was provoked into an “angry outburst” over the fact that somehow, Facebook has managed to overtake MySpace. Thing is, I’ve got accounts on both sites and I have to say that without doubt, Facebook is the slower, more aggravating site to use.  And I’m […]

A Cooling Look At is one of those sites that, especially in the hot weather we’ve had locally in recent days, almost cools you off a touch just looking at it.  It’s images of inviting pools and people relaxing in pool floats is a hard one to pass up when it’s 90 degrees in the shade like it’s […]

MediaDefender DOS’s Revision3

Revision3, an “Internet television” company was attacked over the weekend in the form of a Denial Of Service (DOS) attack.  It turns out that the attack came from MediaDefender, a name many will recognize as an outfit doing a lot of dirty work for the RIAA, MPAA and various “Big Content” providers. The attack consisted […]

Andromeda Strain Contest

Simply Stating The Obvious is having it’s first contest and it’s a good one.  Read on… Serious Science fiction fans of all ages are no doubt familiar with the Michael Crichton novel, The Andromeda Strain.  It was destined to become one of the great classics in Science fiction writing.  Then in 1971 it was made […]

A Ride Not Soon Forgotten.

Wanna see something funny?  Take a look at the stair lift website for Jameson Medical, Inc.  Once the page loads, hit your “Page Down” key once. You’ll be greeted with an animated .gif of a lady on a stair lift chair, up she goes, then it cuts to a wide shot of a roller coaster […]