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Music Industry Trying To Penalize Everybody

According to an item on Wired, Some people in the music industry are working up a new plan to bilk people out of more money.  It goes back to one Jim Griffin, a consultant in “digital strategy” for three of the four major “big content” music providers, and his suggestion that ISPs collect a surcharge […]

MPAA Ranting Against Net Neutrality Agian

I’m thinking that the people running the MPAA need to get their story straight because what they’ve been saying lately sounds like they belong in a drug rehab facility. Why? Because on the one hand, they’ve been ranting for years now about how online piracy is costing them humongous amounts of money.  Yet at the […]

Contest Alert! Win a Nintendo Wii ~ High Speed Internet for Life!

How would you like to get Charter High-Speed Internet for Life?  How about a Nintendo Wii?  Well, Charter has an auction style contest going that gives you a chance to win Both. About the Wii.  It’s a Nintendo Wii Console and includes the Wii Stand a remote controller, a Nunchuck controller and a Sensor Bar […]

A Little Respect Please

One of the holiday traditions in our house is to watch one or more of the many football games.  This year we sat down to watch the Sugar Bowl because one of the teams, Hawaii, was one that we hadn’t actually heard of before and I don’t think they’d ever shown up in a bowl […]

iPod Nano Giveaway

First up, I’ve got a contest to tell about.  It’s an iPod Nano giveaway by Trusted Tours and Attractions.  Everyone who signs up to receive their Trusted Travel eNewsletter automatically gets an entry into a drawing to win an iPod Nano.  This offer ends on December 31st so you shouldn’t waste any time.  It only […]