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Going Somewhere?

I’m not actually planning a trip to Vegas but sometimes it’s fun to look over what’s possible and what you might do… sort of a vacation “what if”.  To add in a sense of realism the thing to start out with is stopping by travel sites to look over packages and options.  At Realtravel.com they make it easy to find the very best deals on Las Vegas Hotels.  They’ve got a handy map display that can show you where they’re all located.  The map display is right next to a list of hotels sorted by popularity.

For example if you’re interested in the most popular resort hotel according to their information you could decide on the Bellagio resort right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip or maybe the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  Then again, since this is just for fun, how about dropping by Caesars Palace next April to play in the World Series of Poker?

In any event or for whatever occasion, Realtravel.com looks like they’ve got it nailed when it comes to getting good deals for Las Vegas Hotels.

Mac Users Up For Some Poker?

Like a lot of people, I’ve played a bit of online poker…just for fun of course.  I stick strictly to the free games that are for entertainment only.  (besides, I’m not very good) I’ve also had computers and operating systems in the past that weren’t compatible with most stuff out there.

Given that, When saw the Mac Poker site, even though I’m not a Mac user, I had to take a look just for the heck of it and I have to say that it’s put together very nicely by someone who seems to have experienced first hand the difficulties in finding a Mac version of something in a world full of PC’s.  They’ve gone to a lot of work to pull together just about anything related to playing online poker games on a Mac.

They start right out with recommendations for places to play for those that just want to find a place that has a Mac version of their client program.  The first place they recommend is Fulltilt Poker, a site that I’ve played myself.  If the Mac version is anything like the Windows version then people are going to like it.  It’s just easy to use.  Plus, playing on FTP you’re liable to run into poker pros playing online.  I’ve seen people like Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman, Allen Cunningham and other names that have been at the World Series of Poker final tables.

Another site on their list where I’ve played is PokerStars, another site with a nice clean interface that lets you get the most out of playing with the least amount of hassle whether you’re playing for real money or “play” money.

There is also a page devoted to online poker sites divided into three sections: “no download” games where you play on their website without having to download a client program to your machine.  Then there’s “download” games that have a Mac version of their client program, followed by games that Mac users need to run in a Windows Emulator.

Each of these sites listed includes a link to the site and an overall rating for that site.  There is also a link to an extensive review of the site where you can see details of how it rated on a 1 to 10 scale for 14 different categories.

In addition to helping players find places to play that are usable on a Mac and can be trusted, there is plenty of helpful resources like articles, software downloads, even where to get a Windows Emulator.  Anyone running a Mac that wants to play online poker really ought to make Mac Poker one of the first places you go.  You can save yourself a lot of aggravation in the process.

Honestly, the ONLY downside I found on the site was the link to their forum didn’t work, but I’m sure that’ll be fixed soon.

How’s Your Stock Sense?

Heard of “MyWallSt.net” yet?  I hadn’t heard of it either, but it’s certainly looking interesting and it doesn’t have anything to do with it being a financial social network for people with an interest in investing.  It’s also got nothing to do with any of the many reasons they’ll tell you it’s a good idea to join.  What it has to do with is a game, something called a rookie challenge.

The rookie challenge is a fantasy stock market game….. you know the kind you make theoretical investments in the stock market, in this case based on real stock market data delayed 15-20 minutes.  Even that, while interesting to a point, isn’t *quite* enough to trip my interest.  What did it was the fact that while you’re playing this game and not using real money to do it, you can win $1,000 in real money.

THAT got my attention.  Here’s how it works.  You register on MyWallSt.net (did I say it’s free to register?  And that “Free” is the price for playing the game?  Well, it is and that’s an important part of this deal in my opinion), then you build your profile page and then click on “Rookies” after you log in and start building your portfolio.

At the end the week on Friday after 5pm they calculate the equity (value) of all the portfolios, the rookie with the highest percentage gain in equity for that week wins $1,000.  It’s that easy.. and not so easy.  Investing is a complicated, often expensive business.  But the great part about this is that you get to try yourself out on the stock market without risking real money.

You start out with a hundred grand in virtual money to invest.  You buy and sell stocks in very much the same manner as you would in the real market, even down to paying a commission on all transactions.  The only question I’ve got left right now is “What to buy first?”

Host A Purple Party

Coming up in a few days is “World Alzheimer’s Day”.  It’s all about raising money to increase awareness concerning just what Alzheimer’s is and how it affects people and fund research that is looking for a cure and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease as well as.

Alzheimer’s is a very common form of what the medical types call “dementia”.  Over five million people in the US and something like 26 million people in around the world are have it and the numbers are growing, By 2050 those numbers are expected to be four times what they are now.

The Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging people to hold a Purple Party to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.  This is an opportunity to take something like a party or other event and use it to get people in on supporting the fight against this disease. The idea is to hold “socially responsible” party…. You know, people having a good time raising money for a good cause without the need to get trashed.

Anyone who holds a Purple Party” can register their party on actionalz.org.  When you do, you get to create a web page for the party and send email reminders to your guests.  It even allows your guests to make donations online.  Also, The Harrah’s Foundation is going to match all donations in September dollar-for-dollar, so that makes this month an even better time to raise money.

The Association is giving away free World Alzheimer’s Day party kits to the first 500 people that register their Purple Party and agree to raise $150.  This free party kit includes A DVD of Alzheimer’s Celebrity Champions, Speaking points about Alzheimer’s, Donation forms and envelopes, Cocktail napkins and Thank you cards.  So now is definitely the time to register your purple party today.

Got Another Contest

The blogging tips blog, “Blog about your Blog” is trying to break a 5000 Technorati ranking and they’ve got a contest going to help it out.

The prizes are:

512MB Philips MP3 Player

125×125 Banner in the top right sidebar for 1 month

Full site review by Adsense Tracker on their blog

I’m not sure which I’d prefer more, the banner link or the site review, probably the review though ’cause I’m always interested in ways to improve the blog.

Details about how to enter is in a post on their blog appropriately titled “Blog about your Blog Belongs in the Top 5,000“.  You can enter up until midnight 9/19/07.

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