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Look A Contest!

Everybody loves a contest.  It’s a chance to win something cool for the pretty minimal effort required to enter it.  David Airey writes a graphic design blog and this contest is part of the celebration of it’s one year anniversary. This contest has a bunch of pretty cool prizes including gems like these: Professional logo […]

DragonCon is On

This takes me back a ways… I mean it’s a totally different event in an entirely different place but still It brings to mind Okon ’78 which holds distinction as the first Star Trek Convention I ever attended.  I remember attending another one after that but hard to believe as it might be, I can’t […]

Eye of the Dolphin

Here’s something you don’t see very much of anymore.  A movie that actually qualifies as a family movie.  Eye of the Dolphin is the story of a teenage girl that gets expelled from high school in LA and ends up living with her father in the Bahamas.  He’s a “crusty” research scientist busy studying dolphins, […]

More Mice?

What is and just why would I want more rodents?  Well it turns out that the only rodent that has to do with is a Disney creation.  The site is actually the home of Lowery’s vacation homes.  The site is all about vacation homes.  Specifically finding Condos and Town Houses to rent for […]

New CD release

I’ve never exactly been what you might call ‘music oriented’.  I mean I’ve listened to a lot of music over the years by a lot of artists but I’ve never really been on to pay a whole lot of attention to who did what.  I just knew what I liked. I remember hearing things like […]