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Look A Contest!

Everybody loves a contest.  It’s a chance to win something cool for the pretty minimal effort required to enter it.  David Airey writes a graphic design blog and this contest is part of the celebration of it’s one year anniversary.

This contest has a bunch of pretty cool prizes including gems like these:

Professional logo from David Airey
Personal marketing / advertising plan from Maki of Dosh Dosh
Website critique from Randa Clay of Randa Clay Design
Full blog review with deep links and images published on Blog-Op with Chris Lodge
2GB USB storage key
Blog review from Aaron Russell of miLienzo

… and a whole bunch more.  There’s some great stuff to be won.  To get your shot at the prizes you will of course have to enter.  You can get the details in the contest post on his logo design blog.

The deadline for entries is 9/26/07 so you’ve still got plenty of time to enter.

DragonCon is On

This takes me back a ways… I mean it’s a totally different event in an entirely different place but still It brings to mind Okon ’78 which holds distinction as the first Star Trek Convention I ever attended.  I remember attending another one after that but hard to believe as it might be, I can’t remember when or where.

Sci-Fi Throngs Boldly Go … to Atlanta

ATLANTA (AP) – Allen Hansard did not want to be one of 500 Supermen at this year’s DragonCon parade. Determined to stand out among hundreds of sorcerers, intergalactic soldiers, superheroes and other sci-fi characters, Hansard spent weeks on his Hawkman costume. The gold helmet alone took him three months, and the gray wings cost $1,000 at a costume shop.

I think this world needs more events in which it’s socially acceptable to wear Star Trek uniforms… yeah, that’s the ticket.

Eye of the Dolphin

Here’s something you don’t see very much of anymore.  A movie that actually qualifies as a family movie.  Eye of the Dolphin is the story of a teenage girl that gets expelled from high school in LA and ends up living with her father in the Bahamas.  He’s a “crusty” research scientist busy studying dolphins, She’s a teen dealing with problems and packing the usual teen attitude. At first they clash the way you’d expect and then she makes a connection with an orphaned dolphin and discovers that she has a gift for communicating with it.  Conflict enters when her father’s research facility faces being shut down and she and the dolphin are in a position to save the day.

Here’s a trailer, Check out the movie website at http://www.eyeofthedolphin.net opening 8/24/07

More Mice?

What is moremouse.com and just why would I want more rodents?  Well it turns out that the only rodent that moremouse.com has to do with is a Disney creation.  The site is actually the home of Lowery’s vacation homes.  The site is all about vacation homes.  Specifically finding Condos and Town Houses to rent for the duration of a Florida vacation.

For example, A family traveling to see that famous mouse & friends could opt for something like an Orlando vacation home rental that would have them staying in a much more “homelike” situation rather than the more impersonal crowding of people in resort hotels.

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New CD release

I’ve never exactly been what you might call ‘music oriented’.  I mean I’ve listened to a lot of music over the years by a lot of artists but I’ve never really been on to pay a whole lot of attention to who did what.  I just knew what I liked.

I remember hearing things like “Roxanne”, “Message In A Bottle”, and “Every Breath You Take” all the time.  Back then I never realized that they were all done by the same band and as it turns out, they all were by The Police.  That would be me not paying attention to who, just knowing what I liked and recognizing songs rather than artists.

Now, The Police are re-formed for a new tour.  They’ve released a 2 disc compilation CD on June 5th, and it includes a vintage poster from back in the day.


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