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Fluff News.

Sometimes I wonder just why it is that people seem so obsessed with some of the things that get passed off as “news”.  Even when they label it “Entertainment News”, it still very seldom qualifies as “news” or “entertainment”.  I suppose somebody will pick a nit and say that it’s “news” about the “entertainment” industry […]

Want Some Cheap Universal Studios Tickets

Are you planning a vacation this summer?  If you are you know all about how expensive and sometimes overwhelming the seemingly endless options for admission tickets to the various theme park. is trying to take some of the pain out of figuring out where to go and how much it’s going to end up […]

So much for Rosie …

Well, I see that somebody at ABC has some sense.  As a result of which viewers will no longer need to be subjected to the Rosie O’Donnel that roared. I’m not one to watch things like ‘The View’ very often at all, but I’ve run into it once in a while and I’ve got to […]

RIAA Claims Ownership of All Artist Royalties For Internet Radio

Just between you, me and the fencepost, I think that it’s past time that the good folks at the RIAA took a flying leap… off of the Empire State Building! It’s past time that somebody made it clear to these idiots that they DO NOT have the right to tell artists what they can and […]

Are ‘American Idol’ Votes Rigged?

You know, the one thing I don’t get about this is why anybody is surprized about it. Given the technolgy and the things that some people can come up with, it almost had to happen. Is it a good thing? No, but then again I personally don’t necessarily consider American Idol a good thing. Even […]