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Sometimes I wonder just why it is that people seem so obsessed with some of the things that get passed off as “news”.  Even when they label it “Entertainment News”, it still very seldom qualifies as “news” or “entertainment”.  I suppose somebody will pick a nit and say that it’s “news” about the “entertainment” industry and the people it’s built around.

Yeah, well, whatever.  That doesn’t make this stuff “news”.  It’s fluff, crap designed primarily to feed the celebrity gossip thirst of people who are convinced that Paris Hilton’s every move is somehow noteworth or important.

I saw a couple of AP stories a few minutes ago that prove my point:

World Awaits Paris Hilton’s Return.  This couldn’t be farther from reality.  There’s a vocal percentage of American and European people who are panting after her next appearance.  Most of the world’s population could care less.

Paris Hilton’s Trash for Sale on eBay.  Again, compared to real news about things that are actualy important this little tidbit shrivels in it’s insignificance, yet it’s billed as a headline as if it were really important.  The only thing this tells the astute reader is something they already know… That there are a lot of people out there that have entirely too much time on their hands and that there are other people who have more money than brains and will pay the former for nearly anything.

Rosie Says She Won’t Replace Bob Barker.  This one is worse than ridiculous.  Not only is it not news at all, it’s beyond stupid because it assumes that Rosie O’donnell actually had any kind of a snowball’s chance to even pretend to replace Bob Barker.  Out of the running?  Rosie, You were never IN the running!

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Want Some Cheap Universal Studios Tickets

Are you planning a vacation this summer?  If you are you know all about how expensive and sometimes overwhelming the seemingly endless options for admission tickets to the various theme park.  Orlandofuntickets.com is trying to take some of the pain out of figuring out where to go and how much it’s going to end up costing you.

I loaded up the site and saw right off the bat that they’ve got a lot of options for everything from Cheap Universal Studios Tickets to discounts for Disney, Sea World and a whole list of others.  They haveDisney tickets for stays of one to ten days for the “Disney Magic Your Way” package.

In any event, there’s enough possibilities to find something for nearly anyone.  I understand that the prices are considered pretty good, but since I’m just a tad on the cheap side….

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So much for Rosie …

Well, I see that somebody at ABC has some sense.  As a result of which viewers will no longer need to be subjected to the Rosie O’Donnel that roared.

I’m not one to watch things like ‘The View’ very often at all, but I’ve run into it once in a while and I’ve got to say that one of the things I never liked about it was the tendency for two or more people to be talking shouting at once.  Even when it didn’t seem that she had much to say, she still managed to make certain that she got her opinions in loud enough to drown out what everyone else was saying.

As an actress I think Rosie is great.  I liked her in “Sleepless in Seattle”, “A League of Their Own”, “The Flintstones” and many others.  But when you take her out of character and let her own opinions & stuff flow, that’s when she get’s really annoying.

Maybe she’ll take this as a chance to make some more movies.  If she can stick to reasonably clean comedies I’ll likely even watch ’em.

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RIAA Claims Ownership of All Artist Royalties For Internet Radio

Just between you, me and the fencepost, I think that it’s past time that
the good folks at the RIAA took a flying leap… off of the Empire State
Building! It’s past time that somebody made it clear to these idiots
that they DO NOT have the right to tell artists what they can and cannot
do with their music. If they want to offer it for free then the RIAA and
it’s affilliate organizations need to get their greedy hands out of
people’s pockets before they lose them.

Claims Ownership of All Artist Royalties For Internet Radio

ISurfTooMuch writes "With the furor over the impending rate hike
for Internet radio stations, wouldn’t a good solution be for streaming
internet stations to simply not play RIAA-affiliated labels’ music and
focus on independent artists? Sounds good, except that the RIAA’s
affiliate organization SoundExchange claims it has the right to
collect royalties for any artist, no matter if they have signed with
an RIAA label or not. ‘SoundExchange (the RIAA) considers any digital
performance of a song as falling under their compulsory license. If
any artist records a song, SoundExchange has the right to collect
royalties for its performance on Internet radio. Artists can offer to
download their music for free, but they cannot offer their songs to
Internet radio for free … So how it works is that SoundExchange
collects money through compulsory royalties from Webcasters and holds
onto the money. If a label or artist wants their share of the money,
they must become a member of SoundExchange and pay a fee to collect
their royalties.’"

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Are ‘American Idol’ Votes Rigged?

You know, the one thing I don’t get about this is why anybody is
surprized about it. Given the technolgy and the things that some people
can come up with, it almost had to happen. Is it a good thing? No, but
then again I personally don’t necessarily consider American Idol a good
thing. Even so, it’s once again a reminder that in any given situation,
sooner or later somebody will figure out a way to cheat or otherwise
give themselves the advantage over those who "play by the rules". It may
not be right but it IS the way people are when they’re not sticking to
how God would have them handle something.

‘American Idol’ Votes Rigged?

Computer Calling Programs, Hackers Could Cause Potential Problems

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