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Some movies I intend to see

This also includes movies I’ve seen but would still like to have the DVD. In no particular order…. Pirates of The Carribean 2 (& 3 when it comes out) Sky High Freaky FridayThere are actualy 3 versions, two are by disneyThe one I’m looking for is the one NOT done by disney.My wife, who is […]

Deal or No Deal?

Exactly what is ‘winzy‘? That’s what my question was when I first saw the word. It actually sounded a little bit fun, sort of a not-too-serious bit of (Yes, I’m going to say it.) "Whimsy". As to what it is, it’s a search engine. But this search engine offers more than just search results. If […]

Download And Burn Movies Available Soon

It looks like the latest thing in movie delivery could well be the "download and burn" variety.  Thing is, if I take the time to download a movie at anywhere from 700K to 6gigs in length, I want to be able to not only burn the thing, I want to not be concerned that some […]

Will Media SHUT UP About Anna Nicole?

The following is a repost of an entry from 2/17/07 that I had to temporarily delete in order to find and fix a problem. I’m beginning to wonder if they ever will. This woman was famous for no really good reason. The only noteworthy things she did to achieve fame was to pose naked in […]

Jobs Urges Music Industry To Drop DRM

This is something that’s been needed for a long time now. With Jobs putting Apple’s weight behind it, the fight against DRM gains a powerful ally. Here’s hoping that the RIAA and MPAA take the hint from Apple and consumers that without DRM, they’ll sell a lot more music and movies. Apple: Record Labels Should […]