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Groundhog Doesn’t See Shadow?

According to this story on CBS News, ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ didn’t see his shadow this morning. On Regis and Kelly this morning I saw a live appearance by ‘Staten Island Chuck’ and his handler who announced that Chuck also failed to see a shadow. Chuck’s handler also said that he has been right 22 out of […]

Finally the secret is out

I ran into a real gem today, posted on a message board, was a listing of C source code that the poster claimed was the source code for Windows 2000. Because I found reading it to be so … informative, I decided to repost it here for all to learn from. /* Source Code Windows […]

Fight DRM While There’s Still Time

DRM … Digital Rights Management. It’s a term that represents the efforts of people and corporations that own the rights to something to protect it from illegal copying. While it’s entirely reasonable for a movie studio or record company to want to keep their work from being pirated, it is also entirely reasonable that they […]

Censor ‘Bleeps God’

I saw this in Yahoo’s "Odd News" section and while it may seem funny on the surface of it, It’s also a very serious indicator of something much more troublesome than a movie being incorrectly edited. Granted, this was an inexperienced person doing the job, but the fact that they decided that the instruction to […]

47th Anual ‘Worst Dressed’ List Released

I saw a survey about this "Worst Dressed" list this morning and once again I found myself wondering why people care about things like that. I mean, seriously folks, whether or not people dress nicely is pretty low on the scale of what matters in this world. Surprisingly, I find that after years of thinking […]