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Freenet Mirror of Lastdays watch

I was doing some looking around today and noticed that the freenet mirror of Lastdays Watch is at least one issue behind where it should be. I’ll be getting my files together tonight and inserting edition nine of the freenet mirror of Lastdays Watch. Once it’s inserted, the URI for it will be:,ckqhs1YME2xL0Ub3XcWpnA/watch/9// Note: […]

Un-official Freenet 0.5 alternative download

I’ve just set up A new, Un-official Freenet 0.5 alternative download page, including some instructions to help get started. It can be found here: 

Freenet file healing explained better

It occurred to me that in my quickie freenet tutorial I mentioned, but didn’t really do a very good job of explaining the concept of "Healing" files that you download. I found the following explanation in a frost posting by "sparhawk" that explains it much better. When you insert anything into Freenet from any program, […]

How to get started with Freenet

[Edit 10-18-2011: I’m writing a new version of this post as this one is woefully out of date.  Until that new post is finished I’ve updated the urls in this one and removed a few outdated things] I’m working on an updated version of this post which will go into more detail.  When it’s ready […]