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E-016- Two Launches One Perfect Docking

Now this is how dockings are supposed to go.  Nice and smoothly with no mysterious disconnecting parts.

E-015- From Difficult To Ridiculous

Ok, this whole mess is getting ridiculous in the extreme.  However I’ve figured out where the problem is and will be making changes for the next attempt.

E-014- How To Fail At Docking

Unlike normal, I’m having the worst time with docking.

E-013- Corrupted Save

I hate it when a save file is corrupted.  Especially when the most recent backup save is also equally corrupted and not able to be used.  Thus in this episode I find myself going back several saves.  This means some things got un-done.

E-012- Replacement Lander

The lander.  it’s trash.  I mean yeah Bill lived through the landing but obviously the machine will never fly again let alone get him back to Kerbin. This means a total re-design to hopefully come up with one that will get him home.