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Rethinking The Spacedock

With the recent release of two different docking mods and some troubles I’ve had with it, I have decided that the first space station needs to be brought down and replaced.

A Space Station

In this video I had decided that because a new version was coming out soon that it would be a good idea to start working on figuring out a good space station design because I wanted to use it as a place to launch interplanetary flights to the new planets that were going to be […]

Slingshot Return

Remember the ship that was trapped in an elliptical orbit because it ran out of fuel?  Because I had at that time no way to get a ship out to it or to refuel it (remember, this was back before docking was added to the game) I decided to try a longshot method of getting […]


Picking up where episode 17 left off, we continue with the decent to what I hope will be an actual moon landing and not just another crash.


Since the new ship design appears to be flying decently enough I’ve decided to tray once again to get to the moon.  Due to the length of this mission I broke it into parts so that the videos wouldn’t be too long.