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Old Flights And Ship Redesign

After bringing some ships down that have been in flight for quite a while I work on re-designing and testing a ship in hopes of getting better performance than previous efforts.

Not Enough Thrust

So after installing a fix for the fuel bug, I started working on a new ship design. So far it seems to be a good overall design however it clearly has a shortage of thrust.

Fuel Bug And Redesign

As of this video I was still using 0.16, the then current version of KSP.  There was a bug discovered in fuel consumption that caused fuel to last far longer than it should have if you were not firing engines at full thrust. Because of this I took some measures to compensate for this because […]

Lander Issues

Perhaps I’m over analyzing things but I have a strong suspicion that there is a problem or ten in this lander.

2nd Moon Attempt

Given the success of the last mission flying more by the numbers than by the map view, it seemed only sensible to take another shot at a moon landing.