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E-011- One Man Ship To Duna

Flying in a ship that was simply not intended to be used for this kind of mission, Bill is now heading for Duna.  I hope he packed a lunch or 400.

E-010- Interplanetary

That test flight.  It proved to be wildly successful well beyond any expectation I had.

E-009- Unexpected Test Results

I do some more re-design work on the launcher and send it up on an un-manned test flight.  A flight with surprising results.

E-008- Talking And Re-designing

I take another look at spaceplanes and then talk about why I’ve taken something of a break from KSP lately while I re-design the launch vehicle used for the moon flights.

E-007- Return

Ok so the moon landing went ok and now it’s time to return to Kerbin.  Ideally without crashing, burning up, or running out of fuel too soon.