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Flying The Numbers

I decided that blowing things up may be lots of fun, it also gets old after a while when you’re trying to actually get something accomplished. So, in this video I removed all mods but one and built a simple rocket that could actually get to orbit around the moon.  The key is that the […]

Stuff Is Too Big

After having taken a step back and re-examining my recent failures I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m trying to do too much too fast.  Using the larger parts now available instead of staying with stuff that I’ve actually had a bit of success with.

Everybody Loves A Good Explosion

Ok, maybe not everybody but I think it’s pretty much agreed that Kerbals love explosions . . . and it’s a good thing too since they tend to see so many of them on and around the grounds of Kerbal Space Center.

Ambitions For The Next Step

Now that I’ve managed to come up with a ship that can actually get into orbit the next logical step is to give it the ability to land somewhere. With that in mind I take the rocket design and modify it to add a lander to the upper stage.

E-07- Escape – Kerbal Space Program

This started out like many Kerbal Space Program videos, with a bunch of testing new designs and a lot of explosions.  Then something happened.  Not only was a test flight successful, it went much farther than I ever expected it to go. Much farther even than merely “out of this world”.