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E-06- More Is Better – Kerbal Space Program

If a rocket works, then MORE rocket will work better.  At least that’s the working theory on Kerbin

E-05- Starting Over – Kerbal Space Program

I’ve been trying to work on a Minecraft video since the day before yesterday but it’s really hard to focus on the game when I’m dizzy and feel like I’m going to blow chunks any minute.  I’ll get one up as soon as I’m able to record it without feeling sick.

E-04- Really, I Did – Kerbal Space Program

I did a test flight off camera and it turned out great.  Now all I have to do is repeat that performance while recording.

yeah.  right.

A Near Success

In this third episode I continued developing the “Crap” series of ships and had some surprising results.  This really odd, terribly designed ship, very nearly made it all the way into orbit.

Not bad considering something like this probably shouldn’t fly at all.

How Craptacular

In this second episode I’m still mostly just playing around with KSP, learning how parts fit together and trying to make something fly that honestly has no right to.  I knew it was crap which is why I named this series of ship, “Crap”.

The title comes from something I said in game when I discovered that something would not fit the way I wanted it to.  It struck me as funny so I used it for the title.

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