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E-006- One Small Step

The first of many small steps that I hope will end up with the conquest of the entire solar system

E-005- Adding Ferram

After reading more about it and giving it a bit of thought I’ve decided to add Ferram Aerospace Research mod to KSP for this season.  I do believe it’s already proven to be a good idea because of how this flight went.

E-004- More Trial More Error

I think I’m starting to get a handle on things here about how the latest changes affect things however I’m feeling kinda stubborn and I’m determined to make this ship work. Little did I know …

E-003- Well It Looked Good

I really did think that thing looked like it would work.  As you can tell it’s been quite a while since I’ve done the “early space program” part of KSP and I’m a bit rusty.  Some of the changes from 0.20.2 have something to do with that as well I think.

E-002- To The Moon

Having completed the first couple of flights successfully it’s time for an attempt at landing on the moon. the first of many targets