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E-001- New Beginnings

Before this was made KSP updated to 0.21.1.  With the new version we’re starting over in a new save.  Things get off to a good start as Jeb makes the first two flights in a ship that has some problems but still manages to work anyway in fine Kerbal tradition.

E-047- I Hate It When This Happens

Things were looking good for the Duna / Ike mission and then, well, stuff happened.

E-046- Progress With Several Flights

After what happened on the Moho mission, I have to say I’m relieved to see that the missions to Eve, Dres, Laythe and Duna are actually going pretty much as planned.

E-045- Houston We Have A Problem

The Moho mission has something of a problem

E-044- Moho And Duna Progress

The Moho and Duna ships both get closer to their destinations