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A Whole Bunch Of Slow Days

I realize that there hasn’t been much activity here lately but all I can say is that there’s been a whole bunch of really slow days where the needed inspiration just wasn’t there.  Then on the few occasions when there was inspiration, there were other things going on that got in the way of me writing any of the things that I know I should have been writing.

I’m also trying to do something about kicking up the viewer interest on my youtube channels.  On my vlog channel I’m thinking that it’s probably time to start having WFRT News cover the mystery of Bob’s disappearance.  This would also include many of the rumors that have been flying about on this subject.

Then on my Minecraft channel I’m thinking seriously about a new series that would feature me using a bunch of Mods in a second Let’s Play.  Specifically I’d be using Industrialcraft and Buildcraft which make it possible to build all kinds of machines, piping and wiring systems to automate a lot of stuff.  Then there’s Redpower which adds even more.  some of those machines allow you to generate more power than all of connecticut energy‘s in the space of a few cubic meters (remember, in Minecraft all blocks are one cubic meter square).  One of those mods, industrialcraft I think, even allows you to build a nuclear reactor which together with it’s support system could still fit in a 9 by 9 room and supply enough power for just about anything you’d want to build.

Hopefully my leg will ease off on the constant pain thing long enough for me to start recording some of that soon.

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Finishing The Trap

The Trap

I’ve decided to build a trap around the spawner and essentially turn it into an arrow & bone factory.  Once this is done and working I’ll have an infinite supply of both.

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The Skeleton Spawner

Branching Out

I’ve given a lot of thought to the way I’m mining this mountain.  I have to say that while I still very much want very much to clear the entire thing all the way down to bedrock, I’m not getting materials like iron that I need quickly enough.  Because of this I have decided to start a branch mine within confines of the pit in hopes of collecting iron and other resources a lot faster.

As I was implementing this I ran into something of a surprise.

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