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Mac Users Up For Some Poker?

Like a lot of people, I’ve played a bit of online poker…just for fun of course.  I stick strictly to the free games that are for entertainment only.  (besides, I’m not very good) I’ve also had computers and operating systems in the past that weren’t compatible with most stuff out there. Given that, When saw […]

Look A Contest!

Everybody loves a contest.  It’s a chance to win something cool for the pretty minimal effort required to enter it.  David Airey writes a graphic design blog and this contest is part of the celebration of it’s one year anniversary. This contest has a bunch of pretty cool prizes including gems like these: Professional logo […]

Manhunt 2 Revisited

It’s back in the news again, this thing with the really high level of violence.  Seems that they faced the chance of having it rated Adults Only.  Since that would have killed the game’s sales, they’re working on a “toned down” version. Controversial Game Gets New Rating The makers of “Manhunt 2” – a violent […]

Manhunt 2 Game Release Suspended

In a move that shows there is somebody that has at least a little bit of sense, the release of ‘Manhunt 2’ has been suspended. Release of ‘Manhunt 2’ Game Suspended Video game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (TTWO) said Thursday it was temporarily suspending the release of the violent title “Manhunt 2” because of […]