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E-038- New Kethane Miner

Now that Fuel 2 and Fuel 3 are on their way to Duna and Jool, it’s long past time to get a new Kethane mining ship out to Duna to replace the one that crashed.

E-037- Duna And Jool

A while back two ships were launched to Duna in spite of it’s being far out of position.  Now it’s time to see what can be done with them.

E-036- Me And My Bright Ideas

It’s finally time to bring the Mayflower into close Duna orbit so that the colony modules can land.

E-035- Fuel Delivery

Fuel 1 delivers it’s load to the Mayflower so that it can finally complete it’s mission.

E-034- The Story Continues

Some Kerbals go on a wild ride

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