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The Verdict Is In

The “dream system” I’ve been building (or trying to build) in on at least a temporary hold. I did some more testing today, trying various configurations as well as clearing the CMOS memory.  The result is that either the job I did of replacing those capacitors was borked or (this is most likely) the board […]

Dream System Still A Dream

Well tonight now that the heatsink compound had arrived and started the build of my new system. I got the whole thing put together.  (I even recorded a video of the build which is rendering as I write this). As I’ve said before it’s a really good system. A good ASUS motherboard, Nvidea graphics, a […]

A Dream System Comes True

For something over twenty years now I’ve wanted to be able to build a really fast and powerful desktop computer.  Something that would be able to handle any task I can throw at it from video editing to 3D modeling with Blender to running games like Minecraft at full render distance and fancy graphics without […]

I Think My Camcorder Might Be Dying

Why do I think that?  Because it is not only showing various signs of wear, which I’ll get to in a minute, but it has also been doing something occasionally that convinces me it is not long for this world.  Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean. What’s wrong […]

Strange Cursor Problem *FIXED*!

The strange cursor behavior I talked about in my last post is *FINALLY* cured!  Here’s how: Last night I spent several hours double checking to see if perhaps, in spite of my safe hex habits, I had managed to contract some kind of malware designed to drive people totally batshit with weird problems like this. […]