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I *USED* To Love Mowing The Lawn

It’s true.  Once upon a time, some ten years ago, I absolutely loved taking a couple of hours every two weeks or so to mow the lawn.  Of course, at the time I had just gotten a new mower on sale which made the job pretty easy.  It started on the first or second pull, […]

The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live The Laptop

After literally years of wanting a laptop and almost that much time actually having a real need for one, I finally found a laptop computer on sale at a price I could afford and bought it.  As soon as I had it up and running I started copying stuff to it right away from my […]

Adventures In Boot From USB

A while back I wrote about creating a Linux boot disk on a USB flash drive and went through the procedure myself with a cheap flash drive I had handy.  I found that while my desktop computer did recognize it as a bootable device, the boot process would only get just so far and stop […]

Straight Talk Isn’t

Just in case you’re thinking about dropping your current cell phone service and switching to “Straight Talk”, I would like to suggest that you reconsider. It seems that when it comes to support, straight talk is about anything but.  You can read the whole story here to see the details however the short version is […]

Sound Solution

One of the big gripes that I have had about my camcorder is that, while it actually is a very good camcorder that my wife found on sale, it’s built in microphone is . . . well, to put it nicely, it is less than satisfactory.  To be perfectly blunt, it absolutely blows chunks. You […]