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Omnipotent Porksword!

I was checking out old posts and videos, looking around for some inspiration, when I ran across this little gem.  I made this video back in December of 2010 after my brother told me a particularly funny story about a spam email that was advertising one of those male enhancement drugs that sparked a memorable […]

Rumor Abounds

Rumors can be strange things sometimes and there seems to be plenty of them in the case of Bob’s recent disappearance.  First there was a rumor that he was looking for some technology or IT type job in spite of the fact that I know he’s just not qualified for something like that and probably […]

I Want To Beam Her Far Away

The would-be Mrs. Helpful had only left a few minutes earlier when my cell phone rang.  I answered it to find that it was her.  The first thing I wondered was just how did she get that number?  I don’t hand that number to ANYBODY except for immediate family and none of them would have […]

Epicman, A Pain In Flight

A couple of common question is Can Epicman fly?  How does he do it? The short answer to the first question is yes, Epicman can fly and he does so on a regular basis. As for the second question there is a lot of speculation on that and honestly I doubt that anyone, including Epicman, […]

New “Boom Box” Solves TSA Security Woes

The TSA’s problems with the body scanners that take nude pictures of you and the obscene “pat downs” that are little more than grope sessions where TSA employees handle your junk wearing the same gloves they used to handle the last person’s junk. The controversy and outrage over this and the delays it causes in […]