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Awesome Lady Gaga Parody Takes Net By Storm

Ok, I suppose that *almost* everybody in the western world has heard at least part of Lady Gaga’s hit song, “Bad Romance” at least once by now.  Well, Youtube personality ShawnCorytube is quickly changing the image that people think of when they hear that tune. Featured recently on Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have […]

Introducing: Order

There’s been way too many times when I’ve had no idea what a video was going to be about until I finally sat down and hit Record on the camera.  Those days are DONE!!  It’s long past time I introduced some structure to my life and videos and it begins with this schedule. [tags]video schedule, […]

My Latest Contest Entry

This video is my latest contest entry.  The winner is determined by the total number of “Likes” that all entries have.  The person with the highest overall number of “Likes” will be declared the winner. Right now I’m running behind.  Not because the my video entries aren’t good, rather because I don’t have as many […]

What If The Intertnet Turned OFF??!?

That is the theme for the first weekly challenge in DonVantel’s month-long “Most Entertaining Youtuber” contest. This video, a WFRT News Special Report, is my entry for that first week’s challenge.  The winner is going to be determined by how many “likes” they have on each of their entries. I’d be really grateful to any […]

Streaker Copycat

I’ve just received an update on the streaker situation.  Just a few moments ago there was another sighting of what was at first assumed to be the streaker I told about previously.  However it turns out that this is not the same man. The first clue was that Ethyl was nowhere in the vicinity at […]