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The Streak

There’s been an increasing number of sightings of streakers plaguing Nutjob Hills lately.  Thus far there have been no signs of any reason for this outbreak of exhibitionism other than the fact that it’s happening.

As far as I can find out so far it apparently started about three weeks ago when Ethyl, the night manager at a local gas station saw a man dressed in nothing but a pair of Puma shoes and a smile run up to the gas pumps, stopped to wave and smile at her and then ran off into the night.

Since then there have been more sightings, becoming more frequent all the time.  One common thing about this is that Ethyl is almost always somewhere nearby when it happens.  Another is that after the first five times the appearance of the streaker has been accompanied by the sound of an unknown man shouting “Don’t Look Ethyl!”

Police have so far been unable to apprehend or identify the streaker.

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Natural Born Do-gooder

You’ve heard of natural born failures and natural born killers and especially natural born losers?  Well, Here in Nutjob Hills we have somebody that’s one of the more rare natural born dogooder.

This guy just can’t help *always* finding a way to know about and be present to do something about a need, the more urgent it is the more likely he’ll do his absolute best to show up in the nick of time seemingly out of nowhere.

Thing is, I think that he’s starting to get more extreme.  Not only has he recently had his name changed to Clark Kent, he’s also taken a job at the local newspaper as an investigative reporter.  He’s also been going beyond his genuine desire to do good, he’s moving into actively fighting “the forces of evil”.  He’s even taken to appearing “in costume”.

You see, he’s got quite a collection of vintage t shirts.  Among them are several of them that are blue with the classic red “S” on the front.  Lately he’s taken to wearing one of those and blue jeans complete with a yellow belt.

I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take him to swap that for the full set of tights, red shorts and add a cape.

Of slightly more concern is the guy I saw in town the other day.  He was a tallish bald man with a most determined look on his face.  He had parked in front of a medium sized warehouse and was taking a box of green crystals out of his car.  Green crystals that seem to glow with a light of their own.

What do you suppose they are?

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Overboard Habit

It’s interesting, some of the odd sleep related habits we can develop.  For years I had a habit of getting up around 6:30 to 7:00 am every morning, frequently even when I didn’t have to.  For most of those same years I slept in essentially the same position every night.

One local guy has a rather involved routine.  He’s got a three bedroom house, even though he lives alone, and every night he sleeps in a different one.  I understand that he’s got a schedule that he keeps.  Using each bedroom in a particular order.  His reason?  He figures that doing it this way will insure that he doesn’t have to buy a mattress for at least the next twenty years or more.  The downside of this is that while he is spreading the wear and tear on his mattresses in such a way that will let them last far longer than normal, he’s gotten so hooked on this routine that now if for any reason he has to sleep anywhere but home, it takes him almost a month to get back to normal when he gets home.  It’s almost like missing a day in his routine is traumatic or something.

As the residents of Nutjob Hills go however, this guy is plain vanilla mild.  There’s another guy with a similar habit, the big difference is that every night he makes a dozen bologna sandwiches and lays them out in baggies on the cover next to him so that he can snack if he wakes up.

Whatever sandwiches he doesn’t eat through the night become part of his breakfast.  Along with the bologna and cheese omelet he has every morning.

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News That’s Fit To Fart

“Brown Hurricanes”, news and fantastic flatualation.  All in one place.

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Votes Needed For Contest

Late last may I uploaded a youtube video, The Practical Joker a Star trek Rickroll slash parody, which I entered into a contest held by Youtube user Hamenterainment.

It is now time to determine the winner.  The way he’s doing this is by having people vote for their favorite entry in the comments.

I would be really grateful to everybody who would be so good as to click on this link and go to the voting video on youtube and then, leave a comment on that video voting for Tinfoilchefdotcom.

I promise it’ll only take a minute or so.  Less if you are already logged in to youtube!


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