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Star Trek Parody: Phat Trek ‘The Blob’ (part 1)

This is the first part of the second episode of my Star Trek parody series, Phat Trek.  In this episode the crew of the Enterprise encounters an alien ship that has been attacked and several of it’s crew taken captive.  The Enterprise pursues the attacker and discovers that the “blob” as the aliens called them, […]

Another Close Call

I had a second close call with getting new neighbors yesterday.  This time, instead of showing obvious signs of having several kids, this family showed clear indications that they’re very much into their entertainment.  Not only were they measuring walls to decide if they could fit their HDTV plasma screen in a good spot, they […]

Hey, I’m In The Mood for Some Irony

I’m in one of those moods where I’d appreciate some really good irony right about now. Specifically, I’ve been trying on and off all afternoon long to get my lawnmower started.  The problem is that the thing has not run since about a year ago last May and it’s almost nine years old.  It’s a […]

The Man Who Would Cure Zombies

One of the more “eccentric” people here in Nutjob Hills is Joey (not his real name).  Joey’s got a rather big problem on his mind.  Zombies.  He’s convinced that something needs to be done about the zombie population and he has spent most of the last year doing a considerable amount of research on the […]

Rude Awakening

I had one of those really rude wake up calls this morning.  However it wasn’t the phone, it was the cat. He was sitting next to his food and water dishes, meowing in the loudest, most insistent tone he could manage.  He let out a head splitting yowl once every six or seven seconds for […]