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Eating in Color

Mr. X (not the same guy from previous entry) went to his doctor for his yearly physical.  The results weren’t great.  His blood pressure was up, as was his cholesterol and his weight. When the doctor told him that he needed to start eating right, he replied that he’s always had a very hard time […]

My Super Secret Project Revealed

After a lot of delays in getting “Troll Wars – Episode 2” finished.  I have FINALLY been able to get the next video in that story completed! “Phat Trek Episode 1 – Phat Attack” is two things.  1, it’s the next part of the story, picking up where “Troll Wars – Episode 2” left off.  […]

Weight Loss In Nutjob Hills

One of the locals here in Nutjob Hills has managed to come up with a rather unique and amazingly effective means of quick weight loss.  You see, he’d been gaining weight for a couple of years and was starting to get concerned about it and decided to lose weight so he went to his doctor […]

Troll Wars – Episode 2

After taking WAY longer to get this thing done than I had wanted, It’s *FINALLY* done! I had to re-shoot things a bunch of times.  It took half of forever to get the sound to come out even remotely passable and I re-did the final rendering no less than seven times but it’s finally done! […]

Missing Irritant

It’s an unusual situation, even for nutjob hills.  Mr. Helpful’s wannabe apprentice hasn’t been around trying to convince me that I should check out prevera and a number of other weight loss aids for some time. The last time he was seen is over two weeks ago.  At that time he was trying to convince […]