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How’s This For A Dr Phil Moment?

Y’know, it’s amazing how many of these things there are.  This one is priceless in it’s use of the Dr. Phil-ism.


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Sold Out

I just went over to have a look at what has and ran into yet another gem of an anti-obama bumper sticker.  The sad part is that it’s sold out.  Why am I not surprised?

bend over here comes the change

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Found Another one!

I wish that I’d waited a few minutes before publishing that last post.  No more than two minutes after I hit “publish”, I found this gem.

I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be a best seller

I was anti-obama before it was cool

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Perfect Description

Since Obama first appeared spreading his slick talk and conning people out of mountains of money in the form of contributions to his campaign I have been trying to come up with the perfect snappy description of him.

Somebody in Maine beat me to it with a bumper sticker that Exactly describes him!

Obama: The Quicker Fuker Upper

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Nancy Pelosi’s Little Problem

In my last post I expressed the opinion that Nancy Pelosi is brain damaged because of that truly, awesomely ridiculous statement she made about needing to pass the obamacare bill in order to find out what’s in it.

This has led me to wonder if perhaps it’s not a case of brain damage but rather a case of a brain that’s severely underdeveloped and if perhaps maybe a two year course of injections of human growth hormone through her skull directly into her brain would have *any* chance of stimulating the growth of new brain cells and eventually rendering her into at least a semi-intelligent person?

I’ve no doubt at all that there’s a boatload of doctors alone that would love to take turns pushing a needle through her skull directly into her brain.  Of course that would mean having to have some pretty good targeting to be able to hit such a small brain.  Assuming the treatment worked it would eventually get easier to find it.

Then again, maybe it wouldn’t work at all.  Anybody care to volunteer to give the first ten or twenty injections to find out?

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