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Your Freedom Online

I know that in recent weeks I haven’t had much to say here about the SOPA and PIPA bills in Congress and I really should have.  Suffice it to say that there’s been a lot of complications that have kept me busy with things of a more personal nature. However that doesn’t change the fact […]

43 Companies that Support Censoring The Internet

Last Tuesday (1/18/11) some 43 companies got together and sent a letter to the US Attorney General Eric holder & John Morton of ICE.  It was also cc’d to Vice President Joe Biden, Janet Naplitano of Homeland Security, the IP czar Victoria Espinel (I don’t know about you but I can’t help thinking how UN-American […]

Canadian Supreme Court Case May Destroy Internet

I just read an article on that left me shaking my head in utter disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the situation. It seems that a Vancouver businessman, Wayne Crookes, claims that writer Jon Newton defamed him by linking to reputation-smearing articles in a 2006 post about free speech on his website, Essentially […]

EFF Calls On FCC To Close Net Neutrality Loopholes

As the FCC continues to work on it’s Net Neutrality rules, the issue of loopholes was inevitable.  Sooner or later it had to turn up.  The EFF has filed comments with the FCC urging them to address this before it gets out of control because if it does, the RIAA, MPAA and Hollywood’s big content […]

Here’s Your Chance To Tell The FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission has recently proposed net neutrality rules to ensure that the Internet is free from blocking, censorship and discrimination by telecom companies Cable companies and large ISP’s. In a nutshell, Net Neutrality means that Internet providers should treat all Internet traffic the same and forward data packets on a first come, first […]