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Sub4sub Spam On Youtube

There is a plague on youtube.  A plague in which people are falling victim to the stupidity known as “sub4sub”. In theory the idea is that people subscribe to others in exchange for those other also subscribing to them. In practice however it’s bullshit.  It’s nothing more than a numbers game.  They are not meaningful […]

Score One For Mr. Helpful

The great contest of wills between Mr. Helpful and the would-be Mrs Helpful is still going on.  She is continuing to come up with plan after plan to get him to give in and marry her and he is continuing to be dead set on remaining single. His latest efforts involve simply arranging to be […]

Another Way To Make Money

In my ever ongoing search for *legitimate* ways to make some extra money online I have recently come across an interesting but challenging idea.  This idea sounds like one of the best out there.  The only problem is that it requires a version of creativity that I have never been all that good at. I’m […]

Twitter-Bots Are Really Annoying

What do I mean by “twitter-bots”? That’s simple enough.  This is something that a lot of people use in an attempt to both gain followers and to market whatever it is that they sell. The “bot” part of it is any of dozens of programs that search the “twitterverse” for certain keywords in people’s tweets […]

They Should Have Used Freenet

Wednesday a blogger in Nuevo Laredo that was known on social networking sites only by his nickname – Rascatripas (or Belly Scratcher) became the fourth Mexican blogger since early September to be killed. According to the news report that I read he helped moderate “En vivo” a site that posts news about shootouts and other […]