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Arrested for Being Christian Preachers at Dearborn Arab Festival 2010

Don’t think Christians in this country are persecuted for their beliefs?  Think again. Four Christian missionaries were arrested at the annual Arab International Festival on June 18, 2010.  The question is: Why? They couldn’t have been arrested for causing a disturbance, because they did not approach anyone, in fact, everyone they spoke with approached them […]

We The People

A message to President Obama from the freedom loving people of the United States of America.  I saw this on YouTube and I believe that it carries an important message.  One that every freedom loving American will want to echo. Mr. Obama, you are failure.  Failure to understand that this is a Christian nation.  It […]

Spy Phone Reports Your Every Move

The latest thing in Big Brother technology is a rather “special” mobile phone that uses a combination of GPS technology and Software that analyzes data from the phone’s accelerometer which enables employers to track employees on an unprecedented level, even to the point of being able to tell what an employee is doing in addition […]

Kaspersky CEO Wants To End Online Anonymity

I just saw this little gem on Slashdot this morning: Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of well-known computer security company Kaspersky Labs, is calling for an end to the anonymity of the Internet, and for the creation of mandatory ‘Internet passports’ for anyone who wishes to browse the Web The very first thought I had after reading […]

Dec 2012 Is NOT The End Of The World

Over the last few months I’ve seen more and more talk about 2012.  People going on and on about how a Mayan calendar “runs out” in December of that year.  This, combined with some astronomical events that are supposedly going to happen then have more and more people talking about it as if the world […]