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Twitter-Bots Are Really Annoying

What do I mean by “twitter-bots”? That’s simple enough.  This is something that a lot of people use in an attempt to both gain followers and to market whatever it is that they sell. The “bot” part of it is any of dozens of programs that search the “twitterverse” for certain keywords in people’s tweets […]

Another 4am Salesman

I had another salesman drop by the other day at the customary 4am that salesmen around here for reasons that I have still to figure out.  At least this time however he didn’t wake me up.  I had tried to sleep and had he arrived 20 minutes earlier he would have awakened me.  His good […]

A Dirty Trick

I’ve hated this dirty trick for years.  It was bad enough when it became commonplace on television but now I have begun seeing this tactic used in web based video streams that are supported by advertising. is a great example. Here’s the scenario You’re watching a video.  you know there’s going to be commercials […]

Online Grocery Shopping?

Now I get it that there’s some grocery stores that have websites where you can place an order, pay online and either have it ready to pick up or even delivered to your home but THIS is a new one on me. Seems that one of my more financially well off neighbors, a guy that […]

Almost The Right Stuff

In my last post I was talking about my neighbor’s odd idea of a way to treat dry skin.  Well, just out of curiosity I did a bit of searching and found out something. It turns out that if he’d drop the Preparation H and the Garlic from what he was making, he might just […]