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Twitter-Bots Are Really Annoying

What do I mean by “twitter-bots”?

That’s simple enough.  This is something that a lot of people use in an attempt to both gain followers and to market whatever it is that they sell.

The “bot” part of it is any of dozens of programs that search the “twitterverse” for certain keywords in people’s tweets and then automatically follows the people that use those keywords in their tweets.

The idea is that a lot of people will follow anyone that follows them.  This puts them in a position to see all of the various marketing tweets that the person controlling the bot sends.

I have seen this tactic used by everything from Internet Marketing “guru’s” to lawyers and even dentists.

For example recently I had a few exchanges on twitter with a friend in which we were talking about teeth and dental problems.  Within an hour I was auto-followed by a guy promoting dental implants.  Earlier I was talking about money and was followed soon after by somebody selling some kind of investment banking thing.

The day before that I said something about coffee and was followed by somebody selling coffee preparations niche site articles.

You can always tell a “Twitter spammer”.  All you have to do is when somebody follows you go check their twitter page.  Telltale signs of them being a spammer include:

1. They’re following hundreds, even thousands of people and only have a comparatively few people following them.

2. They have a very low number of tweets, possibly even no tweets.

3. If they do have tweets, they are all almost the same, promoting something that they’re trying to make money from and no ordinary “real” tweets at all.

Then there’s the ones that will reply to one of your tweets (again based on a bot detecting your use of certain keywords they’re looking for) and try to sell you something or get you to go to some page that will try to sell you something.

For this last group I have a standard procedure.  I use the option to block them and report them for spamming. No exceptions.

I’ll admit that I don’t have a heck of a lot of followers.  Right now I’ve got 156, probably about ten or twenty of which I even know who they are.  Since the number has been fairly steady in the last few months at around 150-155 or so I figure that probably most of them actually want to see my updates.  (the bot-users unfollow you in a day or two if you don’t follow them back)

It would be great to see my number of followers go up but I want people to follow me because they want to see my updates, NOT because they want me to follow them back.  Sometimes I will do this depending on who it is but usually no, I’m not gonna do that.  I’m getting a flood of updates now as it is that is difficult to keep up with.

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Another 4am Salesman

I had another salesman drop by the other day at the customary 4am that salesmen around here for reasons that I have still to figure out.  At least this time however he didn’t wake me up.  I had tried to sleep and had he arrived 20 minutes earlier he would have awakened me.  His good fortune was even greater because of why I was awake.  Losing sleep over trying to figure out how to pull myself out of the financial mess that I’m in of my bills exceeding my income and not being able to find a way to squeeze more income out of what I’m doing.  Because of that I needed a distraction.  Almost anything to take my mind off of what seems to be insurmountable problems.

When he started in on his pitch he surprised me when he said that he was selling seaweed products.  He started off by explaining that apparently Seaweed has more protien in it than eggs, more calcium in it than is in milk and it’s apparently a great source of potassium, iodine, B vitamins riboflavin, folate, pantotheic acid and more.

He was selling a package that consisted of three types of edible brown, and red seaweeed called wakame, nori and kombu that are also used a lot in Japanese and Korean restaurants

He went on to explain in considerable detail about how beneficial each of these three kinds of seaweed are supposed to be, having great health benefits and apparently useful in a wide range of Asian recipes as well.

Overall I have to say that as salesmen go he did a great job.  He was very convincing and I almost hated having to tell him that he’d wasted his great pitch because I’m currently so poor I can barely pay attention, never mind buy exotic (to me anyway) foods like seaweed.  These day’s I’m doing good if I can afford el’cheapo hot dogs enough to last half of the month.

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A Dirty Trick

I’ve hated this dirty trick for years.  It was bad enough when it became commonplace on television but now I have begun seeing this tactic used in web based video streams that are supported by advertising. is a great example.

Here’s the scenario

You’re watching a video.  you know there’s going to be commercials because that’s how they pay for the site and the bandwidth Etc and while you don’t particularly like it you pretty much understand.

So you adjust the volume to comfortable level, click the ‘full screen’ button on the player and settle back to watch your show.

A few minutes later you’re engrossed in the program and it breaks for the commercial.  The problem is that the volume on the commercial is fifty to one hundred percent or more louder than the program and when it starts it just about blows your speakers apart.  Not to mention you eardrums and your nerves!!!

The problem here is that if you set the volume at a level where the commercials won’t jar you clean into next week, then you cannot hear the program.  Thus your days of ‘easy comfortable watching’ are over because you have to be able to reach for the volume control and adjust it fast because of how much louder it is than the program.

I’m not one to encourage yet another law because we have too many as it is but seriously, it SHOULD be illegal to have the volume of advertising ANY louder than the program itself.  Penalties for violating it should include being beaten in public by angry viewers and then having your eardrums surgically removed.

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Online Grocery Shopping?

Now I get it that there’s some grocery stores that have websites where you can place an order, pay online and either have it ready to pick up or even delivered to your home but THIS is a new one on me.

Seems that one of my more financially well off neighbors, a guy that likes to be on the cutting edge of everything just so that he can say he is, received a pretty large shipment via UPS a couple days ago.  What made me curious is that all the boxes had the familiar Amazon books logo on them.

My curiosity peaked, I had to go over and find out what the deal was with getting half a UPS truckload of stuff in one shipment.  His answer surprised me no end.  “groceries”.

I watched as he started opening box after box and sure enough, it was food items of all sorts.  Nothing perishable like fresh vegetables & such but still, that was a lot of foodstuffs just the same, throw in some new kitchenware and a collection of spices just for good measure and it was true.  He’d done the bulk of his grocery shopping online at Amazon.


Personally, I’m going to stick with my local supermarket and an occasional trip to the wally world stuper-center.

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Almost The Right Stuff

In my last post I was talking about my neighbor’s odd idea of a way to treat dry skin.  Well, just out of curiosity I did a bit of searching and found out something.

It turns out that if he’d drop the Preparation H and the Garlic from what he was making, he might just have something that, while not quite a dry skin treatment, could serve as an eczema treatment.  Why? because he used a lot of coconut oil in it.

My searching revealed that coconut oil can do a lot to treat skin allergies, especially when it comes to eczema.

Some of the benefits of using coconut oil include reducing inflammation, protects the skin from damaging caused by ultraviolet radiation form the sun (which is why it’s so often used in sunscreen formulas), and it improves the utilization of essential fatty acids and keeps them from being oxidized.

I’m just wondering if I should tell him this or keep it to myself and develop my own product.  Probably not, I can’t see myself in that kind of manufacture and marketing.  I’d much rather be making videos full time.

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