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Piracy Not The Big Hairy Problem It’s Been Made Out To Be (DUH!)

If I were to tell you that the sale of home security systems is causing an increase in break ins and home invasions you would think I was out of my mind wouldn’t you? Well, those that have been screaming bloody murder over various forms of piracy, music, movies and lately, E-Books, are essentially trying […]

The End Of Robot Calls … Not

I just saw an item on the ABCnews blog about how the Federal Trade Commission has a new rule on the books as of Sept. 1st that specifically prohibits automated calls. The problem with this ruling is that it comes with some exceptions.  If you’ve agreed to receive such calls (who would do that?!?).  (note: […]

Bad Commercial Design

We all know about how some commercials seem to take on something of a life of their own.  Infamous Campaigns like “Where’s the Beef?” and “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” are just two examples of commercial campaigns that not only went “viral” but managed to become part of our culture.

Verizon Plans To Share Your Data

Verizon has joined the ranks of those who want to play fast and loose with your private personal information for their own profit.  According to a recent slashdot item, they’re sending out notification letters telling customers that they’ve got 45 days to opt out of this invasion of privacy. Of course, since it’s written in […]

Is Msft Granting Another Six Months of Vista with Downgrade Option?

OEM computer makers can now offer deals like that until January 31, 2009 as opposed to the July 31, 2009 that this announcement would extend it to.