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I’m Not Asking For The World Y’know, Just a Cigarette

Now before you get all hyper nasty anti-smoking just hear me out.  I deal with a lot of pain on an every-day-of-my-life basis and the way my finances have gone over the last few years things like painkillers, prescription of Over The Counter, are getting harder and harder to come by.

For one thing OTC painkillers just don’t cut it when it comes to tooth, jaw and Migraine pain, period. Prescription painkillers, even with part D coverage, might as well be diamond rings because I can afford both about the same.  Yeah I know with part D I only have to fork over the co-pay but I don’t *HAVE* it.

Funny thing is that I discovered years ago that nicotine and menthol both help a lot when dealing with pain.  Don’t believe me?  Sometime you should try Googling “Nicotine as painkiller”.  You’ll find some interesting reading I promise you.

This has been yet another of the eighty jilliion reasons why I want a cigarette.

Never ASSume

I was at the Nutjob Hills location of America’s largest retailer doing a bit of shopping when, as I was in the checkout line, I heard the person behind me make a comment about an older guy in line who happened to be putting prenatal vitamins on the belt, saying something very rude and obnoxious about how unlikely it was that a guy his age could ever be involved with a woman in need of them.

I just had to say something.  I told him that he really shouldn’t make assumptions like that because things aren’t always what they look like.  In this particular case I happened to know that the man was buying those for himself because his doctor had advised him to take them because of the higher dose of iron in them.

Simply put, just because something is labeled a particular way does not mean that is the only use for it.  In this case, having “prenatal” on the label does not mean that anyone in need of a higher dose of iron supplement can’t take them.

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Creatine Supplements Help Endurance And Strength

There are a number people who need to lower their body weight and increase muscle tone and mass. Exercise, motivation, dedication are usually the best methods of achieve those goals.  Starting off it’s essential to decide on a exercise plan including a nutritious weight loss diet. Many also combine the diet and exercise plan with creatine supplements. Which many consider to be among the best programs designed for losing weight while gaining muscle tone an d mass.

Some products are banned in many sports and activities.  So if you’re a professional, it’s important to make sure the supplements you’re taking are permitted in your sport or activity.

Creatine is a naturally occurring nitrogenous acid and is normally found in skeletal muscles. When people take this supplement, the muscle cells become hydrated which helps the body synthesize proteins faster.  This results in an increase over time of overall energy and strength.

This supplement should be taken in gradually and watched over time.  When creatine is absorbed, insulin levels rise so should be taken before eating and along with plenty of water.  When creatine is not fully dissolved, there is a chances that you’ll intestinal distress.

Thanks to the increase of energy, the user can train for longer periods of time. This in turn helps you achieving your goals.

As always, don’t look to me for medical advice, check with your doctor.

Revving Up Weight Loss

Now that I’ve actually achieved some significant success in losing weight I’m ready to start doing something to rev up that success and see if maybe I can get my weight below 270 by spring.

I know that might sound like a lot but really it isn’t.  From October to January I dropped 32 pounds and I see no reason why I can’t manage to drop 35 or 40 pounds between now and Spring.  I do however have one question that I’m going to have to research.  Specifically, what are the best diet pills for a diabetic who still isn’t in good enough shape for doing enough physical activity to get this task done the “right” way?

I’ve always hesitated to use things like this but I am dead serious about dropping the weight before it drops me and if a bit of ‘help’ like this will make it happen that much quicker then so be it.

Not only do I want to get my weight below 270 by Spring, I would really like to be able to actually jog a mile before Autumn.  I haven’t been able to do something like that in well over 20 years.

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Should I Try?

After all this time of hearing about people, websites and even mainstream tv talking about a veritable flood of weight loss supplements I’ve begun to wonder.

I mean, I know that *MOST* of these things are either empty hopes or outright scams but there are at least *some* that have a positive effect and while my weight loss is actually going at a decent pace for once I’ve begun to wonder if it would be worth while to see if I can find something that really is the best weight loss pill to both help speed things along just a bit and to insure that I don’t keep “bouncing” back up to a higher weight every once in a while instead of continuing to lose weight.

The reason I’m still undecided is simply because there’s so many things out there.  where to start and what, exactly, is the standard to determine what’s good?

Oh, it’s also got to be dirt cheap.

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