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Hard Sell

Sales people bug me.  Literally they bug me constantly.  Every single day I get at LEAST one, usually several, calls from automated systems trying to sell me this or that thing that I don’t need or can’t afford. What’s really bad is when those automated calls happen in the predawn hours.  I can’t just ignore […]

How Do They Do It?

You know how some people manage to end up getting all kinds of fantastic deals on just about anything?  People that somehow end up getting stuff for free when the rest of us have to pony up the hard cash? Well my wife had that ability.  For example one thing that she somehow managed was […]

Hairy Cotter?

I was at the store the other day when I overheard something that just didn’t want to make any sense no matter how many times they guys in front of me said it. The one guy was talking about a problem he was having with his lawnmower.  Some part or other was not staying lined […]

Why My Lawmower ‘Retired’

It happened about four years ago now that my lawnmower “Retired” (stopped working).  In recent weeks I’ve been asked more than a few times why I use a weed eater to do the lawn instead of the mower and basically, that’s why.  The thing doesn’t run anymore and hasn’t even started in four years. It […]

It’s That Time Of Year Again

No, I’m not talking about any of the entirely too many occasions for mandatory gift giving.  I’m talking about the *fun* time of having to mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn is something I’ve come to hate doing.  The biggest reason is that because my lawn mower “retired” (meaning it doesn’t work anymore) a few […]